Hitman Delivery Part 2
Hitman Delivery Part 2 child stories

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The hitman went back to the lady's house to get his payment. But at the worst time, it being the kid's birthday party.

Idea courtesy of @project_x

Hitman Delivery Part 2

It's been three days since I delivered the balloon to the girl. I could still see her smile, her two front teeth missing.

She had brown hair just like her mother, her eyes blue like the afternoon sky. She wore an evergreen dress that day, a pin on it stating she was the birthday princess.

I still remember walking down the hallway, looking at children's art hung on the wall, noticing that most were just the kids with their parents.

I probably should've changed my outfit before I went there because I looked like I was ready to kidnap someone instead of delivering a balloon.

But at the time I didn't care, the only thing keeping me from dropping to the floor with shame being the 200 dollars I would collect afterward.

And now here I am, at the salted caramel wooden colored door, ready to accept my payment. I knocked on the door and heard a few screams echoing from inside.

They were high pitched screams, making me jump a bit with confusion.

After a few minutes, I heard a lady yell, "Just a minute!" The door opened, leaving the nice Disney Princess lady in the doorway, her smile making my insides turn to jelly.

"Oh it's you!" she said.

Noticing me standing in the doorway awkwardly, she said, "Oh, where are my manners? Come in, come in!"

Looking behind the lady, three screaming girls ran by, one holding a dragon toy chasing the others.

Glancing back at the lady, I said, "Nah, I'm good."

"No please, come in." 'Only for the payment' I thought. Taking a step inside, I was swarmed with so many balloons I thought a devil was punishing me for doing such a stupid delivery task.

Red, blue, purple, and so many pink balloons I thought I was going to faint.

More screams echoed from the kitchen area and then a tiny girl ran out of the doorway, wearing a golden crown and holding a pink fairy wand.

She noticed me and stopped, looking me up and down.

Then with her two missing front teeth, she yelled, "It's the man who delivered my balloon!" Pointing at me, she ran closer to me, making me back away a step.

Not even a second later, one, two, 12 heads popped out of the kitchen, looking at me. After noticing me, they smiled and ran towards me, screaming their heads off with what I think is excitement.

"Ahh!" I screamed, running out of the door and onto the front lawn. One after another, the children swarmed me, one jumping onto my back making me crash to the grass.

My face made an imprint into the ground, my stomach now having grass strands from swallowing some.

Spitting some grass out of my mouth, I looked up to find the lady looking at me with so much care in her face, it made me forget for a moment that I was just attacked by millions of children.

"It seems they like you." She said fondly, handing me a big white envelope, my payment.

Growling, I warned, "If you kids don't get off, I will kick you all off myself." The children giggled but rushed off of me, giving me space to stand up.

They all ran inside except for one, the birthday girl.

She smiled, the smile as bright as her mothers, and said, "Thank you mister." She then rushed off, leaving me with the lady.

"Thanks again for delivering the balloon to my daughter."

"Don't mention it." Brushing grass off of my jeans.

Looking up at her, I said, "Just next time, hire a delivery man and not a hitman." She looked at me and smiled, her beauty shining so bright I'm afraid I might melt.

"Now that wouldn't be fun, now would it?" She winked at me and went inside, closing the door behind her.

For once in my life, I smiled, wondering how crazy was that lady, before walking off down the street.

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