Bruised Cheeks
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My best friend moved away, but I wish I tried harder to keep her with me.

Bruised Cheeks

I can't believe you left. You left me, destroying a tiny part of my heart as you waved goodbye.

I could still see your tan skin from your vacation to California, your left cheek bruised from a rock hitting you.

You never told me who threw the rock, never told me anything about the vacation.

I never questioned it, never questioned your intended silence of the trip and the silent tears you tried to hide every time you walked down the school hallway.

I never questioned it until you came to me after school, your tangled blond hair dyed to a dark color brown, a new bruise now on your right cheek.

It looked the exact same way as the one of your left cheek as if they were sisters. Sisters that were close, close like I thought we were.

You wore your school uniform but your blue shirt was wrinkly, your skirt caked in mud. You held a casual expression, as if seeing you in a total wreck was normal.

You looked at me with your light green eyes, the sparkle that was always shining now dull and incomplete.

"I'm moving."


"I'm sorry."

"Wha, where are you going?"



"I'm sorry ok? I just... It's hard to explain."

"When will you be back?"

"Hopefully never."

And with that last sentence, she smiled, waved and walked toward her mom's blue minivan, her hands clenched to her sides.

She said hopefully never, what did that mean? Did she really never want to see me again? Or was it something else? I couldn't leave it like that.

With my hand held high, I yelled, "Wait!"

She turned around, her face like a hot red tamale, tears pouring down her face. She seemed surprised but not at me but herself.

She didn't think she would turn around, she didn't want to turn around, knowing I would see her in that state.

Dropping my head, I asked quietly, "Will I ever see you again?" Her face brightened, shining like the afternoon sun.

With a final smile, she said, "Hopefully."

She turned around and got into the van, driving away from the school, away from me. If only she would have stayed, maybe then she wouldn't have moved.

Maybe then she would still be alive, instead of her case stating she was mysteriously murdered.

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