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Another Conner author-fiction

His Eyes

(Iris's view)

Every time I look at his eyes they seem to change. Like some days they're brown, some days they're blue, sometimes green, and sometimes I swear they were purple.

If I ever tried to ask him about it he just said "family stuff" and moved on.

I knew Conner had a pretty bad childhood, but I had no idea what that had to do with his eyes. So, naturally, I went to his brother Chase. Same response.

"Iris, you seem to be always worrying about stuff that doesn't matter. Ever since you met Conner you've been way overprotective of us. Don't you remember when it was just me? I ran away when I was 7, and met you after your parents died of cancer, and you ran away from the orphanage. You were protecting me.

But, now if anything even remotely bad happens to us, you blame yourself!" James said.

I didn't respond. "Look, James, I only blame myself, because it is my fault." "You can't blame yourself for something that happened years ago." James mumbled. "What?!"

"I- uh... I talked to Jacob. He got his memory back, and oh boy was is scary." "Oh well..." I sighed.

(Conner's view)

"Conner... Uh, you're aware that Iris is staring at you, right?" Chase asked me. "OH. Well to be fair, I was sort of staring off into space."

"WAS I STARING?! IT WASN'T ME!" Iris screamed and ran out of the room.

"Was the weirder than usual?" Chase asked. "Actually that was pretty normal compared to what usually happens..." I explained.

I looked at Chase and thought about how similar we were. "Chase?" "Yeah?" "Ever wonder who our parents were... Like if they were anything like Jacob's parents?" "Jacob was abused." Chase said.

"Yeah, that's what I mean. Do you think our parents were alcoholics or something?" I asked. Chase looked down. "Conner.. They-" Chase caught himself. "Look."

"They aren't around anymore. Okay, they were alright people..." Chase mumbled. He slammed his glass on the table -breaking it- and got up. "Chase. What did they do to Brandon?" I asked.

"You already know that." Chase said. "No, I don't. What he told me was a lie. Come on, Chase. What could be so bad he takes everything out on me?"

"Stop!" Chase yelled. "Just stop okay. No more questions." "Chase I deserve to know!" "I SAID STOP!" He screamed. The color of his eyes changed, from blue to red. I stared at him.

"Fine. I get it. I've been lied to my whole life. Even now that I'm 19 I can't know the truth."

(Chase's view)

"Conner! I can't answer everything!" I said. "Chase do you know why I brought an iron sword to high-school, ever since I was 17? Do you even know." Conner asked.

"Course I don-" "No, of course you don't. I brought a sword to school because I was afraid of you." "What's that supposed to mean?!" "It means, that you scared me, out of my mind.

So badly I was afraid of everything. You worried me. The whole time I knew. I knew you were my brother."

"But you didn't tell me until I had a sword to your throat." I said. "Yeah. You know why?" "Why."

"Because I was afraid to know the truth. I was frightened at what I'd hear. But, I didn't show it." His eyes turned so red they were black. "Conner..."

"What." He snapped. "Sorry."

Conner looked at me with a icy stare. "I'm sorry too."

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