Advent Calendar #10
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ginger_night Walk into the sea.
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. . . I swear people are WEIRD . . . Also this could possibly ruin your childhood, so yeah. (Probably not, don't worry)

Advent Calendar #10


What am I doing today??

No idea whatsoever. :T

Nevermind, I have an idea...

But FIRST, is this not the cutest picture??

Okay so, here's something fun.

I'll be a theorist for the day!

No, I'm not doing the Pixar Theory, no not the multiverse crud again.

NO! I'm not doing that either. Stop. Stop thinking that.

I swear some people are so inappropriate.

Okay, no I going to be talking more about uhm... The Big Four!

Not the fan fictiond...

My friends and I... um we have some interesting theories.

So before we start... every time I post a theory it doesn't do too well,

so um yeah. Just pointing that out. :I

So, for the people in the dark *cough* ignorant *cough* The Dreamworks Big Four is, as follows: Rapunzel (Tangled) Jack Frost (Rise of the Gaurdians) Hiccup (How to Train Your Draong) Merida (Brave)

There are mostly just fanfictions about it. (They aren't even that bad.) And there's some people *cough* annoying people *cough* that think Elsa & Anna should be in the Big Four, making it the Big Six.... Which in my opinion is two things. 1) Stupid 2) Reminds me too much of Big Hero 6...

But that's not the point of this.. I'm going to share my odd theories I either made up or my friends made up. So, as far as I'm concerned these are all ginger_night Original Theories™

Uh sorry for that... And for the buildup. I know you want to start already, got it, GOT IT! So first off, let's skip right to Jack Frost. Jack Frost, as we know, is this dude who talks to the "Man in the Moon" and has a magical ice staff that he actually doesn't need to summon ice/snow.

(Figure it out yourself, I don't want to get into that). So if we look at Jack Frost's time period, he died in a time where villages were thriving. Not cities or neighborhoods. So, we can assume he's from way before our time. Of course when he comes back from the ice he seems to be in that time but only a few minutes later in the movie, we see him in a modern time period, so we assume a long period of time

has passed. But back to BEFORE he died... (Keep in mind I did NO research whatsoever) Who else lives in the time period where villages thrived? No I don't mean Hiccup, Rapunzel or Merida...though that adds a LOT more to my theories.........I can't believe I just realized this......... But, back to Jack --> Guess who else?

If you guessed Else & Anna, YOU ARE RIGHT! Wait, wait, wait... I know I said that I don't like the version with Elsa & Anna in the Big Four (Six) but they actually AREN'T apart of it. In fact, let's not even think about Anna, she isn't in this. So, Jack Frost has ice powers? Yeah, know who else has ice powers? See where I'm going with this??

No, I'm not implying that they are brother/sister. Back off. So let's go back a sec. Jack didn't have ice powers until he... died. So we figure, "oh yeah the ice gave him the powers" (or some other conspiracy theory...) But uh, I actually don't believe that. So in the movie, we see Jack's Mom ONCE in his flashbacks. That sort of ruins the theory...

But we also have to keep in mind, Jack's memory is fuzzy, we can't believe what we see. So let's again, go back to his ice powers. What if they were... perhaps inherited?? Wait one second. Yeah, he didn't HAVE them before he died. Um how about we go a little deeper into that. (And yes in case you haven't figured it out, we think that Elsa is Jack Frost's Mom)

So Elsa had ice powers. Perhaps she inherited it, I don't really care. But if she had a child, would there not be a possibility that they were passed on? Like with Jack. So what if Jack DID have his powers the whole time? What if the ice, actually activated it? Mind blown yet? No?

I can go deeper into this... probably. (Like who the father is) But, for now, that's it. If you got this far.. *claps* WOW. Nice job. Enjoy your now ruined life. ;)

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