You're not supposed to fall in love with your roommate
You're not supposed to fall in love with your roommate fate stories

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a true love story

You're not supposed to fall in love with your roommate

It's not just a rule here. It's a rule that most people generally accept, no matter what university you attend. But....she's so pretty.

And I'm so weak when it comes to pretty girls.

At was the way sunlight shimmered on her dark black hair. The way her eyes sparkle. Just a little bit too much. The way she moves. Like an elf, dancing in the woods

And's the rattle when she laughs, like her chest is hollow. It's her endless curiosity. The way she twists her neck and smiles. Or the way she looks when she's doing homework

I'm not supposed to fall in love with my roommate....nor somebody who skips class and never sleeps.

But I've never been good at keeping to the rules. Never been good at religion.....or gender rules.....or societal rules.....rules just feel like prison bars.

I've been helping her with school and she's been helping me fit in. It's the perfect pairing.

I ask her permission to hold her hand. To buy her dinner. To look at her. And she says yes. It makes me feel like gold.

My best friend has told me repeatedly not to trust her. To not date her. She describes the obvious. But how could I listen?

It was another rule....a rule I did not fit.

And as roommates, we spend all waking hours together. She steals my sweatshirts. We talk deep into the night. She teases me with lies. I buy her gifts online. It's perfect.

And then....she lets her glamor drop. It is an accident. She comes to my room and she no longer looks like she once did.

Things get complicated. I'm graduating. She has another year. We sometimes fight. She looks a little angry all the time.

But I still like her. How could I not? When she tells the worst puns on campus and keeps me up at night reading funny Commaful stories.

She brings out the kid in me. I know I'm not supposed to keep dating her after I graduate. I know there is another life waiting for me

But who would dare complain if I did? My parents? Friends? Teachers? The Community? And why would I care?

And maybe they'll think that my girlfriend and I are a little odd. They'd probably be justified. But it's quite okay with me.

After all, nobody else in town has as much fun reading books or playing in the snow as us.

You're not supposed to fall in love with your roommate. But I did it anyway. And so does she.

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