Founding CodeUpStart, learning to code by creating real startups
Founding CodeUpStart, learning to code by creating real startups stories

gillianteeCEO of CodeUpStart
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Founding CodeUpStart, learning to code by creating real startups

by Gillian Tee

Why I started the company

From starting my previous company Rocketrip I realized how online resources make it way too hard for people to learn how to build real-world apps.

Anyone who wants to build apps

should be able to in a much more optimized way & I’m really hungry to enable that. Read more about our mission <a href="">here</a>.

Long Term Vision for CodeUpStart

It’s pretty simple — we want to be the default destination for anyone to learn to create any type of real world technology product, from concept to coding to launching and growing.

The toughest part about building out CodeUpStart

The process of gathering a group of insanely talented project creators who are experienced engineers at successful companies & have launched products themselves takes time.

But we’re very grateful

to be part of the Y-Combinator and 500 Startups community, that’s definitely helped a lot. We've now got 20 in the pipeline!

Advice for somebody learning programming for the first time

It comes down to keeping up the motivation & confidence to keep going — grit, basically. Also, be ultra selective with the resources you choose to spend time on so you don’t mess up your learning

You need to be aggressive in shaping the way you learn

I’m biased but I’d recommend to choose material taught by people who have practically used the material they’re teaching before to create something of value. You just get so much more ROI.

500 Startups is huge on how to growth hack & distribute

I’m now a 100% believer that launch and growth marketing execution is just as fundamental and pivotal to a company’s success as the product itself.

Advice for Founders: Always assume you know less than you do

There’re so many intricacies when it comes to how startups find success so stay humble and seek out these learnings from the community.

Don’t just focus on high-level lofty ideas

Consistently act on product experiments that succeed/fail and repeatedly track growth. That process is so tedious but it’s what gets you traction.

It’s a magical moment when people

we’ve been working with on our projects go “Hey, this is not that hard, I can actually do this!” —  & many have gone on to create exciting products. I can’t wait to be an investor in one of them!

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