Want attention? Cause trouble!
Want attention? Cause trouble! attention stories

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Want attention? Cause trouble! Read for more!

Want attention? Cause trouble!

Want success? Start!

Want friends? Be one!

Want enemies? Don't!

Hate somebody? Focus on somebody you love!

No clue? Inform yourself!

No imagination? Close your eyes and see!

Hungry? Eat healthy!

Thirsty? Drink Water!

Tired? Sleep!

Tired? Take the taxi!

No sleep? Dump your worries and work-out!

No motivation? Find a great why!

Afraid? Take action!

No clue what to do? Write it down!

Unsure? Decide!

Too dumb? Educate yourself!

Fed up? Try something different!

Bored? Find a purpose!

Lack money? Sell on ebay!

No product? Write a PDF-ebook

No clue what to write about? money! Many people can identify!

Want fame? Appear on media!

Love your job? Expand! Teach or study further!

No children? Adopt!

No time? Make a break!

Sad? Think something good.

Happy? Enjoy!

Strong? Help people

Need a job? Help people!

No ambitions? Be honest about your potential!

Lying? Be honest!

Honest? Be known for it!

Rich? Invest well! Do charity!

Young? Jump around!

Old? Get a comfortable chair!

Sick? Care for yourself!

Homeless? Take shelter!

Beggar? Get a job!

Lonely? Meet lonely people!

In love? Tell!

Heart broken? Tell friends!

Robbed? Tell police!

Raped? Tell police!

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