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gilbertpacheco Art shaped by words!
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This is a very personal piece that was inspired by the coming home of my brother. He was recently released from being incarcerated for 14 years. He’s my younger and only brother. I hope you enjoy. With respect and love! 🤟🏼✊🏼💙💯


The whispering clouds hovering above the lights

It’s my brothers day, it’s time for a new fight

It’s been many years behind those concrete walls

It’s grace I carry, I have faith my brother will not fall

The convict code has been decoded

It’s a new journey now, the old one has eroded

The taste of being set free is a step away

Oh what a wonderful feeling, what a wonderful day

No more shackles and no more chains

My brother has earned his freedom, he escaped the pains

Freedom is now on the horizon, moments of clarity and peace

It’s time our family is back together, freedom at its Peak!

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