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gilbertpacheco Art shaped by words!
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Something I wrote this past Father’s Day. Take a cruise with me and enjoy this take on being a Father


From the time of his First born to the time of his last breath

This man will wear a badge of pride on his chest

Not doing for himself first anymore

He just worries about his family, it’s now his main chore

Working long hard hours and long hard days

But it’s all worth it just to see his children play

Many times he’s the first to rise and last to sleep

He must always make sure his family is at peace

He must keep his family together and keep it strong

He must show his kids what’s right and what’s wrong

A righteous father will show his son how to be a good man

And will show his daughter how a real man shall stand

Being able to be a good father is a great gift and accomplishment

So embrace Fatherhood and love every second of it

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