Family sister stories
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gilbertpacheco Art shaped by words!
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My short take on family. Hope you enjoy. With respect ✊🏼


It’s beautiful and full of love for many

For others it can be demoralizing and down right crazy

From Grandmas and Grandpas to Sisters and brothers

Blood bonds most families but maybe that’s not true for others

You have to be taught family values and traditions

From barbecuing on a Sunday afternoon to going on a family expedition

We grow up and sometimes lose contact with a close relative

Getting back together and reconnecting must always be imperative

The memories made amongst your loved ones will last forever

So just be open and love one another

Ask those questions concerning your family history, good or bad

If you choose to roll on your own you most likely will be sad

We only get one life so love your family and keep it real

Get them all together, relax and chill!

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