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gilbertpacheco Art shaped by words!
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Standing on a mountain looking all around I can see all that surrounds


Standing on a mountain looking all around

I can see all that surrounds

Within my spirit, this is possible now

Took a deep breath and exhaled

Now I'm back on the ground

Taking steps closer to my crown

Trials and tribulations not stopping my yell

I'm not going thru hell

I'm flowing like a well

Filled with a spirit that's breaking my spell

Pushing myself into a different realm

It's a place away from being overwhelmed

Not feeling compelled

It's satan I expelled

When I wake, I thank God for love unparalleled

He has my spirit feeling swelled

No longer feeling celled

King Christ has propelled

Now I'm able to repel

All the adversaries attacks with Gods intel

Got them demons running like gazelle's

Ding, ding there goes the bell

Haha I won that round

I thought you knew, Jesus is the best, pound for pound

Stop searching in the streets or underground

It's the Holy Spirit, that's what I've found

It's really profound

I fought it so many years, bobbing my head to the wrong sound

Thought I was right, but all along I was wrapped in a shroud

Now my heart is focused on those clouds

My spirit is already being plowed

I just want to make God proud

Not worried about the critical crowd

Even though they might be loud

It's already vowed

When the clouds open up and HE comes walking down

Everyone will bow!

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