Battle of the Brave inspired by @chronoprincess
Battle of the Brave inspired by @chronoprincess wolf stories

gilbertpacheco Art shaped by words!
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This story has been inspired by @chronoprincess, one of my favorite writer's on Commaful. She inspired me to start a predator series, I did a rattlesnake first. So this is dedicated to her, I hope everyone enjoys. with respect, G!

Battle of the Brave inspired by @chronoprincess

The battle ground is in place, a place the brave will need Unsuspecting prey not knowing they will be the feed

The battle about to commence, is as old as time Only the brave truly understand the reason and why

The brave have commandeered their place for battle The tension has set in, the brave is no tattle

The wind helps keep the brave undetected The brave is moving in unexpected

The weak and sick are the first objectives The brave's mission is to keep things perfected

The Gray wolf is the brave Not many people look at it that way

For in the battle of life The brave wolf is always choosing what is right

The brave wolf truly does not have a rival The Battle of the Brave is all for survival

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