Human's Can't Breathe Underwater.
Human's Can't Breathe Underwater.  falling-in-love stories

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Careful... You don't know how deep the water is.

Human's Can't Breathe Underwater.

by Vanessa.

People have always fascinated me.

Each one of us different in our own right. Each one of us fighting our own different battles. Wanting to end it all but telling each other to hold on.

It's like swimming in a little pool.

Some people like gentle warmth. Some people like it icy cold. Some people want to feel the water burn and linger on their skin even after they've left.

Trusting someone is getting into the water.

Before testing it out completely, hoping it doesn't burn you when you prefer gentle warmth. Testing endless waters when you've almost given up but find the right temperature.

Leaving the water is worse.

You think you've adjusted to a new temperature but it isn't the right one. You get out, cold, drenched, alone, nothing but a blanket to cover you that didn't do much. With dread, you try again.

Falling in love is jumping into the ocean.

And hoping the ocean will catch you and keep you afloat. Understand that sometimes you like the scalding heat, and sometimes the ice piercing through your skin like a million needles.

People have always fascinated me.

It's just when you think you've landed in the ocean, safe, you begin to notice that it isn't keeping you afloat. It's drowning you. Slowly. Giving you the temperature you need. Making you believe

Until you're trapped inside with no way out but to hold your breath. And pray it ends quick and painlessly. But you know that's not true.

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