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Lucas+Maya=Lucaya~Girl Meets World~


by gigigirl

Riley has been my best friend since I can remember! But one day in seventh grade it changed...

There was a boy that moved to New York from Texas and his name was Lucas Friar. Lucas wasn't like the other boys. He was sweet and kind and had a big heart.

Which for me was a good thing however my best friend Riley liked him. I liked him too but I didn't want to tell Riley because her happiness means the world to me...

However seventh grade was 2 years ago and now it's the beginning of Freshman year. I was scared but I had Riley, Lucas, and our other friend Farkle.

We made it through the first year and Riley and Lucas were now a "Thing". Riley would never stop talking about him.

It was our Sophomore year and I finally told myself that I was going to talk to Lucas... Next week was homecoming and I gathered up my courage to talk to Lucas...

Lucas and me sat down under the stairs and I blurted out, "I like you Lucas!" He looked at me so confused. So I go on by sating, "I always have ever since seventh grade."

I looked down at my hands and that's when Lucas lightly put his had on my chin to pull it up and we...

KISSED!!! He told me that he has liked since seventh grade too but he thought I didn't like him.


I looked down the isle to see Lucas standing at the alter. Lucas and I got married! It's was the best day of my life. I had Riley as my maid of honor and Farkle was Lucas's best man.

But that was 15 years ago... We now have 4 kids, Nathan 13, James 10, Sabrina 6, Hunter 2 and Baby Friar on the way. Of course Brady and Tyson our dogs too.

We now live in NYC where I work as a English teacher for grades 7 and 8. I also have a part time job as a fashion designer which is only two blocks from where we live...

Lucas however is a Veterinarian. His dream job! And on occasion we will get to watch the sun set out of the huge picture windows we have in our penthouse

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tdog16Gifted Writer14 and excited!
7 months agoReply
YAS! I love the name you used...Farkle!😂 I know I'm immature....but that was a great dilemma and ending! Having the choice between your friends happiness and your happiness (with the chance of loosing them) is always a tough decision. But of course a good friend would always choose to not be selfish....wish I had friends like that!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
7 months agoReply
Yep!!! Those guys from Texas. Of course it had a happy ending. Great story!!!!