My Writing Dilemma
My Writing Dilemma writing stories

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A personal story about my struggle with writing

My Writing Dilemma

I love writing. I really do. Yet, I’ve always been burdened with the thought that writing is weak.

I see so many people strike up conversations with ease. They are charismatic and have a lot to say; they’re a natural.

Why can’t I be like that?

Why do I feel the need to be like that?

I want to be like them and feel like society wants me to be like them but…

That’s not where my strength lies.

I write. That’s my realm.

When I write, words come out of me with ease.

My emotions start to make sense,

My nonsensical thoughts start to make sense,

And I feel…at peace.

Writing is not weak. This is my form of communication.

And I’ve been unable to embrace it,

But that’s gonna change.

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