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Sorry for taking a break. Here’s a pretty old thing


breathing never felt so hard

how many times you told me I was wrong

I long for the lost childhood

for unopened treasure boxes and playgrounds

but I have bolted myself to reality

the reality of dizzyness

because poetry does not matter unless it is relatable

so teach me why you are so cold

tell me why I will never be satisfied with my body

Maybe one day your loneliness will be enough to leave a canyon mark on others

kill the artist

hang to poet

our words are nothing in your void of expectation

psychosis of the undead and dreams of the living

I am a shamed letter with a plus sign tacked on

My last words would be nothing but spite

I was a star born out of anger

born to scream

left to die in my own flames

life is a simple flame

and mine has turned to your spark in search of silence

in search of my own end

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