The Hill
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The Hill

by ghostful

A friend used to tell me

That under all rage and destruction

Comes a resonating sadness

I had blinked at her

Like she had just stared into my soul

And saw the very hurricanes

That rocks me to my core

This friend used to tell me a story

About a girl who lived in a changeless place

And one day she vanished

Gone without a trace

She climbed a mighty hill

Cutting her hands on jagged stones

Till she reached the top

Where she stood, glancing over her shoulder

But she knew she couldn’t stop

So she started to run

Down the hill, down the other side

There was strength in her strides

And tears in her eyes

But she didn’t stop

Breathlessly she reached the bottom

Her legs like cotton, her cheeks were sodden

But up ahead in this new found light

Were changing faces

And beautiful unknown places

And somehow when she came to rest

She knew that some change

Was for the best

If there’s anything my friend taught me

It was that I can be angry

I can be sad

But I should never be afraid

Of change

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