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I fell in love with a girl in the city

She Is The City

by ghostful

I know that feelings can fade like sunshine in the afternoon

But I've started to believe in love again

Because of the way my heart rises up

Into my throat

When I look at her

Because with every urge that bites my tongue

I want to tell her that I love her

Because to me

She is the tender gaze of the morning

And the sensual ache of the night

A voice like velvet

Velvet, like the waves that lap at the cities waterfront

Where I kissed her for almost the first time

Her touch is like every love song I've ever known

Her eyes a musical of their very own

Her smile the lights of broad way

A shiver, a cry in the dark

And if she lets you

You'll get lost in her fathomless brown eyes

A city of stars

And you love every speck of star dust in her

That shines for the world to see

I realized one night

As she nestled into the folds of my arms

And the eternal eye of the city watched on

That she is the city itself

Full of romance and mystery

A thousand people like a thousand thoughts

Gone in the blink of an eye

And in the firm arms of the night

I realized that I'd fallen in love with the city

In love with the reckless youthful ambition

To get lost in a world that's entirely too big for me

In love with adventure and passion

The exact same feeling I get when I look at her

So as the morning sank its teeth into the night

I knew I was in love with her

She is my city of stars

My reason to believe in love again

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