The Painting of My Year
The Painting of My Year positive stories

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A poem about my covid experience.

The Painting of My Year

The paint swirled across the page A mix of hues A ripple of greens and grays and blues Lost in the movement of time in between Forget, for a bit, about quarantine

The words blurred together Left to right I read But it was still too early to go to bed Hidden behind the story untold I overlooked the pandemic that had unfold

My legs moved back and forth Hitting the ground I thought of the chaos around All was quiet, but I could tell To a normal life we would say farewell

Flipped through the calendar Look what I found Old events that had been drowned X’s and arrows crossed out in black Thinking of the missed out events in track

The phone chirped out a song One of a friend’s call To a nonsense conversation we would fall Just about life and random thoughts Forgetting about the negative spots

Summer arrived in all its glory Like a beacon of hope Shining upon our slippery slope To the sparkling sand I had succumb No more drowning in what Covid had become

A tie dye I create A rainbow from the storm The painting of my year had formed To read between the lines And to watch as they entwine

From a looming sorrow to time of peace I find myself smiling as I go to sleep And when I wake up from this very long dream I will just remember the good times in between

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