When No One’s Alive : A Call of Duty Zombies Story (Part ll)
When No One’s Alive : A Call of Duty Zombies Story (Part ll) call of duty stories
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germanjerky not a good writer lol
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Part 2 in the pre-tranzit story

When No One’s Alive : A Call of Duty Zombies Story (Part ll)

" Your safe haven is a warehouse?!" I asked frustratedly. "Yah, isn't it beautiful?" He giggles to himself like an excited child. I open the door and walk inside, locking the door behind me.

"There should be a power switch on the wall over the Romie." I turn around and walk toward the power switch and turn it on. The warehouse comes to life with light. It's almost blinding.

I find a mattress in the corner and sit on it, letting myself relax for a moment. I sigh long and close my eyes. I open them again and notice a blue glow in the far end of the warehouse.

I stand up and walk towards it, gun drawn. "What the.." A soda machine is sitting in the corner, lit up and playing a jingle.

I read the name on the machine, "quick revive? What is this Ricky?" He responds irritated, "you're so full of questions aren't you? It's an aid on your journey, drink it.

" I hesitate before buying one of the drinks from the machine, I take a sip and gag. "BOOM!" Richotfen starts laughing after scaring me. "Damnit Richtofen!" I yelled.

"Sorry, sorry, I just had to, these drinks will only help you and you'll be seeing them a lot more from now on." I walk back to the mattress, sit down, and begin to go over my stash.

"Before we talk about what I need to do for you, can I sleep?" Richotfen sighs before responding, "I suppose." I close my eyes and quickly drift off.

Banging on the door near me woke me up the next morning. I stood up quickly and grabbed my knife. I walk to the door and press my ear against it, trying to determine what's on the other side.

A group of zombies. I step back, "My knife isn't going to do shit with a whole hoard, I don't even know how many there are." I look around the warehouse frantically.

"If I remember correctly, there should be a rifle on the wall inside the office over there." I raised an eyebrow to Richtofen's statement, but I went to check anyway.

More blue light covered the room while a gun was sitting on the wall. "At this point I'm not shocked by what I'm finding." I grab the gun as the door flies open.

One after another, zombies start to walk inside the warehouse. I step out of the office and start to open fire. One after another, the zombies fall to the ground.

"DIE MEAT SACKS!" I yell as I continue to fire. The rest of the zombies fall, and I run to the door to shut and reinforce it. "You look like you were having fun my boy.

" He laughs before continuing, "Well since you have a new weapon at your disposal, I'd like to talk about what I need you to do for me." I walk over to my belongings and sit down once again.

"Yeah yeah, just get on with it."

"You see... my dear boy... I'm trapped in a bit of a dark place at ze moment. Can't see much except what's in your head. What I need you to do, is to help your old pal Richtofen to get out.

" I drank out of my bottle before replying, and how am I supposed to do this, where even are you?" Richtofen responded. "Woah woah woah, slow down Roman, you're so full of questions.

Unfortunately all I can tell you is you'll need to travel to Washington first off, when you get there is when I'll tell you the rest of the information." I laughed hysterically.

"You want me to drive to the next state over to help you?! Why on earth would I do that?" He thought about it, "because if you don't you'll be stuck with me for as long as you live.

" I sighed long and hard before responding... "fine."

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