Harry Potter in 5 Slides
Harry Potter in 5 Slides stories

george Community member
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Harry Potter in 5 slides. A nice summary.

Harry Potter in 5 Slides

Voldemort is an evil wizard

He kills Harry Potter's parents but when he tries to kill Harry as a baby it backfires and destroys him.

Harry grows up with his aunt and uncle and hates it

He doesn't know he has magical powers until one day the school of magic knocks on his door. Harry is surprised and excited.

In school, Voldemort's servants try to kill him

Somehow, each time, Harry and his friends Ron and Hermoine manage to escape and come out victorious.

Harry grows as a Wizard and Voldemort returns to life

Voldemort's first plan? Kill Harry. War breaks out between the good guys and the bad guys.

Harry kills Voldemort once and for all in their final battle

A lot of people die. Good guys and bad guys. But Harry ultimately saves the day

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