Tunnel Vision


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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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Previous generations taught us to follow our heart and it's depictions but what do we do when no logic solves the matters of the heart and our own heart is unreachable even to us? 😱♥️🙄

Tunnel Vision

Tracks playing in the Discotech of the cheesy moon Spin a coin of seas Waiting to spar More than Just a wave of Emotions tieding More of what the Night can afford to Show, naked.

Seized in a world of Forests defying The light wings Of a colour Stick together Through the blindfolds Of the Shadows. Two butterflies hanging Out with their baby Blue Melancholy fly out night's exhaustion.

Even night has it's colours and Your secrets are no exception As they hue in pallets the Wrecked hideout of Nostalgia Climbing Down stairs Of nuances that Pink the crimson In your veins.

Rippling Yet at bay the Shore of your Heart seems Unreachable even To your Hands. Dark doesn't Reserve Insight to anyone.

Beige can't get any Deeper than it's dull Complexion Carries it so There's no need saying Light is bland When you're The only Tastless shade In existence.

Emotional oceans block The entrance to your Roaming hands warning you That just because the light are Off doesn't mean that feelings Get dim as well So let your tunnel Vision see the ending.

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