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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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Do you resent time for ticking your time backwards or for moving on from moments you wish to never become memories? ⌚🤔🤯

Time to talk

Resembling the seasons, the clicking inside

my veins pumps a notion you don't like to anchor in the clear, only raise around the spinning earth. Counting is your best suit

but you deny doing it, neither formed nor nonexistent the presence of your rotation never grows old but ages my steps and

running away from you is pointless, my

matter can never die only be reconstructed. You're so quiet when I'm happy but

deafening when I'm gasping for pain to wipe me; I want to meet the real you but nothing cages your flow so you go forward or

so it seems. You got more knifes under

your sleeves, racing in lanes is your charm

but you never rush, only I do just to meet

you endlessly in the end of an era you didn't

set but followed nonetheless. Time, to talk about you is like an iron veil clasps my

exhales while my inhales choke my eyes red and then all are erased once I place you in my pocket chain, how sinful to be no one's

enemy but everyone's fear. Till next time

I see your Clocked numbers beeping, if I do I guess...

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