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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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The ways we are taught to achieve our goals often time leads us to use others as stepping stones but what does that say about our personality? Are we really twisted? 🧐🥴

Swing the Clouds

Swing The Clouds, Bolt in the world with The sky's light Chained on the Swinging feet of Your demands.

That left Darkness smoke You dim in agony. Expectations Chilled you to Feel pressure's Toll more raw and Aggressive.

You were Once a Cute fire Burning Humbly in Candles of Your content Without a Drive to burn Your oils.

All that Thorned Quickly Your form Showing in The surface The flowers Of control But trapping you Deep into the Petiole of your petals.

Books of wisdom turned to lava As they Withered in Despair to save Your innocence and Kind hearted flames. No, manipulation could Be your only asset in Life, kid.

Drunk in the blood of the deafeated The argent Of your heart is Chipped and heavy As it gets stripped Out of your Grasp each gulp Of destruction you drink.

Even walls have Ears and They know success Comes with a price Even if you're not The one paying it.

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