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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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What do wake up in the morning like? Who do you wish to hold you, your heat or someone's heartbeat?

Morning of anotheR

Strangled in my chest an unfamiliar breath coils around my head.

Diving in my lungs the pace of my heartbeat ignites a familiar scent of lavender and sunny streaks.

Smiles pluck my closed eyelids to see the mountains you dance upon, velvety in your feet,

the grass feebly waves your silk dress as your hands caress the sides of my face with fireflies in your cashew eyes.

Sunset drinks in my memories of you, living among the many things that make you a butterfly in my garden.

Flapping your hands you hold my clumsy feet with the rhythm of your voice ready to spoil my insecurities away.

Circling around your form dancing in the pristine night I feel a high revive me.

I'm so free clutching your hair behind your reddish ears and see that blush leap in my veins.

Cocking my head to the side of your nose, just as I graze my lips to your trembling breath, eyes smoothly shot I feel a tingle.

Snapping my eyes wide, a bedridden sulk wakes me to the morning of another teary fantasy.

Juddering my limbs away from my sweaty sheets I hear a shiver cracking my composure, I'm longing yet shrinking in despair.

Sleep won't treat me, please don't deceive me...

The door opens and your cloudy smile melts me, I'm coming!

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