M A R g a r I t a days

                 M A R g a r I t a 

                             days behind stories

geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
Autoplay OFF   •   8 months ago
Love is such a beautiful escape from loneliness but once it grows weak to realities strikes
Memories become just pain. 😞

M A R g a r I t a days

Fields unfolded Strech across Your solemn lips. Undoubtedly carved My name pigments Your retinas and Those daisy cheeks Full of smiling Lines until they

Couldn't hold The stinging any Longer. Field trips Play naughty Schemes within Your teasing jokes Yet today's weather Misses that reckless

Drunk posture Pasion accustomed For your proudish Desires. Dark Dangles in last Summer's Sunflowers and Spits defeat in our Cups of the future. All those carefree Sprinting

Margarita days Now chase us Away from all The rainy kisses, Phycho nights, Tangled naps, Chasing laughs, Crying shouts, Flicking eros, Fluttering petting, Head pats, belly scratches, Forehead kisses, slurpy words.

Margarita days Are gone just like Childhood's former Freedom. We grew up and Our flames grew Out.

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