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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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Life is blank yet it holds enough space for one more rebellious smile so laugh it up, don't let the current decide your mood. Smile beyond your pains. 👁️💧👄💧👁️

Just cheer up

Just cheer up, fleet with me in the tuffed

fur of my bare neck, crunchy a boiling soup

of silky fingertips loosens my breathe out

of my hesitant chest and I exhale an

exhaustion worth giving up but your pouty

eyes and those flaked crinkles pave a chocking sensation I'd like to avoid while you rake

me for answers. I don't know happiness apart from my concerns. Weighted on the fluff of

my coat I go silly under the brim of your watchful tiny smile, the shades changing

all at once when the cold chills your cheeks

with the hollow sound of my smooching lips above them fade, a repetitive flash that devours your smile. You know I wouldn't let time

count our emotions on a scale, so forests dangled in bare grounds and ravishing

mature tree trunks skinned with a dense elegance of brown coated youth, fly

down strong to the ground with roots that chain us to the laced air, that between our beating hearts and the jokes we face to

avoid the bittersweet frown following after.

Just cheer up, it's a miracle we speak the

same language for most days... and voice

It's evolution mostly at night. It's a strength your reading eyes gave to my bleak features,

a reason to have a face and the willingness

to uplift it's sunk mood, just smile this

once even if it makes you cry.

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