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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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Wanted to be weird, might change mind in my next life. 🤪

Goons talk

Tranquil goons hamper in their chests frogs of

Boredom dangling pickles of salty patience,

They clap a laugh, stir some juice while

Bowling alcohol for the sake of God's

Need for cheering. Parked across the

shooting starts popcorn mushrooms

doze in strawberry suns icing the

tip of their nose with gushing

jokes still tooting sirens in

the distance to find

Bathing suits

For the dying

Jellyfish. Baking

Shoes in the moon's

Radiant rainbows pastry

Mudded feet; hop on galaxy's

Ragging rollercoaster dropping

Just below Pluto's district. Mashed

Potatoes merely boarding in the plight

Of hell's kitchen cook in their eyes the power

Of friendship, well the crackhead version of it, duh!

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