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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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What's life without a great meal? Most important what food doesn't warm your heart when it comes from a loving figure?

Feed My Heart

Straight As A Raizor Knifes Of A Rhythm Sing Colourful Vegetables Prepping To Revive.

Patient Gurgling Rises Up My Throat Susurating My Stomach's Worries.

Skillful Hands And Faltering Eyes Boil Down All Those Worries.

Carnaval Of Scents Shouts In My Nose Pestering Me To Feel More.

Picturesque Patterns Flash In My Plate Gripping My Tongue With Tenacity To Chersish

This Sacred Moment. Your Stoic Gaze Flicks Wisdom Upon My Daydreaming Face.

Like A Mother To A Son Your Gaze Nurishes My Health. Cooking To My

Longing For Home You Feed My Heart With The Dish Of Care Dressing My

Salty Attemps To The Sugarcoated Hugs Your Food Folds Me In.

Little Things Time Will Fossilise Are Your Touch And Those Precious Meals That

Brought Me Closer To My Childhood Dreams: 'To Have A Caring Person

Lingering In My Distateful Battles With Death'.

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