Face pillow

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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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✨....A touch to keep me hostage of life and tie my lose soul to my aching body, just that... ✨

Face pillow

Tight choke hooks puffs of snowflakes

in the rainy portrait of hole filled clouds marking cactus cheeks with succulent

jam of crimson the sheets turn cyan. Thick framed branches glass over the reflexion

of a shadowy heartbeat that valses each

times my eyes face my pillow. Groomed in shades of glossy lips that pout with each

teary thought, I wake to see what I left the night before but the view is still dark, the

fetus position I'm embracing makes me trace the skin enhanced weakness of my soul,

I want a touch to quietly tuck my brain to

the nearest flower pot and let it bloom

under such warmth for my being needs a shadow sun to foster me once a thousand

cold teary showers.

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