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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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My mind is pieces of jigsaw that don't seem to fit each other with each update I make. What do I do? Who do I turn into, myself or a remnant of my former self?

Dissolved mind

Driving Highways Outspeed Light blink away From your raised hands. No point in reaching...

Ribs away from Shedding your worries, Spine in hand it's hard to Zip the belt of actions You need to survive One more breath.

A fallen empress Dressed in jarred Echoes of dirt And white Blindfolds, Facing the Dark sky Lights a Shock on Your face.

Beaches Of glass Tears sandbagger The mountains Of salt you climbed To be called a human.

Cocking your head to the Side with exhaustion Spearing from your Lose hands, the Sea seems Fatigued on It's Rippling shield. A dissolved mind, that's all I got.

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