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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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One-sided love hurts most when rejection is never direct 😢🤧

Balloon ears

Double shadows make you glomier in the skimmed night of starry clouds hugging

the shore of the city. Same fog goes around your words when you speak lofty nuances

of colours that don't match your shade-less eyelids and when I word flowers of adoration your balloon ears deflate the purpose

behind my anxious attempts. Snail-like steps

of mine never move forward without looking backwards hoping to happily tense when I sense the heat of your hand holding mine but

it never does and probably won't. The city smokes your scent and I drink to much to

feel satisfaction from your presence alone.

The door knob holds my heavy sigh and I'm

sea buried inside your pigmented tears but

this friendship bares no fruits for me to

nimble longing so leave me or let me admire you by my side for as long as stars shine

below us.

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