Chapter One: I Steal My Breakfast: Part One
Chapter One: I Steal My Breakfast: Part One story stories

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Chapter One is here! This is Morgan. And this is Zoom, a super fast hoverboard, and friend of Morgan.

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Chapter One: I Steal My Breakfast: Part One

Hey, my name is Morgan. I'm a sixteen year old girl who lived on the streets of Midtown Manhattan. Well, sometimes I was on the streets, most times I was on rooftops or flying around and playing pranks on people. It was all fun and games, back then.

My biggest worries were being caught by the police for stealing those bagels at that bakery on 53rd street, or for sneaking into the movie theaters multiple times without even buying the tickets, or for that pick-pocketing I did last Saturday. Well, those may seem like big worries, but trust me that's nothing compared to what I worry about now.

See, now I worry about which villains are going to come after me seeking revenge. Ah! To be young, untroubled, and innocent! Let's see, well, I guess we could start at that police encounter, just to give you guys a taste of my life. I was just strolling down 42nd street, holding Zoom underneath my shoulder. Oh yeah, this is Zoom. Zoom is my friend.

He's a board of gray, light weight material the size and shape of a long-board, except without the wheels. I ride him around Manhattan and he runs people over when they're bothering me. Yeah, you thought you had a cool ride? I got a freakin' flying hoverboard that goes 100 miles an hour and all the way up to the Empire State Building and beyond.

It wasn't as unusual as some other people. Not in Manhattan, where Uncommons ran rampant.

But anyway, I was just strolling along 42nd street, totally minding my own business, eating a donut, when a police cruiser drove up right behind me. The police officer got out and started towards me.

"Hey kid," she said, "Did you pay for those donuts?

I sighed. There were plenty of donuts in that shop, enough for me and my friends. I stuffed the rest of the donut in my mouth, chewed, swallowed, and turned around.

"What donuts?" I asked. She scowled. Hah, I thought.

"Kid, don't play games with me," she said, "Come on and pay for those."

"Oh," I said, "I'm sorry, but there's this thing called being broke..."

She was about 9 feet away, but I was waiting for her to get closer. This could be fun.

"Where are your parents? We're going to have to call them-"

"Oh I wouldn't make them pay, they're broke, too." I smiled.

"You think this is funny?" asked the officer.

"Sure, but this is even funnier." And I let go of Zoom. He floated in the air for a moment and then VWOOOOM! He wooshed straight towards her. He was actually being a little slow so she would have time to duck out of the way. Other times, when I'm in trouble, he can go much faster.

The police officer fell, while trying to get out of the way. Zoom came streaking back, just brushing her head. She ducked lower to the ground. As Zoom was still moving, I ran and jumped on him, my feet sticking to the board, as if magnetically attached.

As he flew into the air, I looked back at the police officer who was still on the ground. I laughed and waved at her and then I was out of there. Me and Zoom streaked off, down 42nd street, near Bryant park, where families skated in the winter. It was a beautiful spring day of May, and a nice day out.

The wind rustled the green trees, and blew my hair around my face. Buildings and busy cars streaked below me. I loved flying. It was so exhilarating, and I felt more free than ever on Zoom. We flew up to the roof of a giant building. I sat there and opened my backpack. Inside was a bag of a couple dozen donuts, stolen from Bwaries Bakery.

I took one out and munched on it and gazed down at all the happy people, who had not a care in the world except for making sure they turned in their algebra homework on time, or making sure their broccoli wouldn't burn, or whatever the heck normal people did these days. It must be nice to be normal.

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