To You 3/15/20
To You 3/15/20 father stories

genevieve 18"The Truth In The Stars" in progress:)
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To the man who broke my heart before any boyfriend could.

To You 3/15/20

Dear whoever you are,

I've waited seven years to finally see you. But now, I'm not sure I know who you are. Whoever you are, I'm sure you did care, except, I'm not sure you knew how to show it.

See, because you heard me giggle and saw me smile, you didn't know what was going on inside of my head. After you were gone, I felt nothing.

I wondered why you left, whoever you are, you didn't see what happened. Nobody did. You didn't know how I felt.

Whoever you are, you broke my heart, before I even turned sixteen.

When I look at myself in the mirror everyday, for only a moment, I ask myself, hoping it would be you who answers back, "what was it that made you leave me?"

When I'm alone, I wonder why you didn't want to be at my graduation, But then I remember

I forgave you, I love whoever you are. But nothing will ever be the same.

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