Weakness Is strength.. (Bakudeku story)
Weakness Is strength.. (Bakudeku story) fanfiction stories

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Pt 2 yayyyyyy i guess, hope u like it

Weakness Is strength.. (Bakudeku story)

Pt 2: Change...


Status update:

Blood pressure: Normal

Heart rate: Normal

Temperature: Normal

Mental health: stable

Code: green, good condition

Daily system check complete

Deku looked at Kacchan who was confused staring at his choker.

"Oi Deku, what the fuck is that?

" Deku didn't know what to say, so he said,

" The nurse noticed something off about me after the test so she wants to keep tabs on me and gave me this that will report to her if I ever have an abnormality, I got to go bye!

" Deku ran off with out another word. Kacchan stood there confused but it was shielded by his raging anger. "DEKU GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!"


Deku was making his way to the nurses office and ran faster as he heard Kacchans yell. "Deku get back here" Deku panicked and made a turn seeing the nurses office.

'Come on, i can make it' Deku thought to himself. Just as he heard Kacchans footsteps getting a bit closer he entered the office and locked the door panting.

"Midoriya what have i told you about running young man" Recovery Girl told him sternly. Deku laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head,"Sorry Recovery Girl i was in kind of a rush.

I wont do it again." He walked to the bed and sat down in front of her both not with out a hit to the head that is.

(Kacchan's POV:)

I saw Deku run into recovery girls office and slam the door shut, before i could run someone took hold my shoulder. I looked back and saw it was Aizawa sensei.

"What are you doing out? Class is about to start." I grunted and moved my self away walking back to the classroom taking a quick glance at the nurse office.

'Ill find out what your hiding stupid Deku...'

I made it back to class and took a seat, while Aziawa made his way to the board. I leaned my head on my hand not bothering on listening. I was to busy thinking about the collar that Deku had on.

'It was giving out some sort of data, about Deku's health. Why would Deku have that?'

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard he door opening showing the nerd himself. He was smiling sheepishly bowing to Aziawa. "Sorry for being late Aziawa Sensei"

I expected Aziawa to make a smart remark but I was surprised when he just waved it off. "It's alright Midoriya, please take a seat"

I looked as the nerd came closer o me as he was walking to his seat in my eyes were only focused in one thing.

That damn collar.

Deku saw me staring and rushed a bit to sit down, once he did he opened his notebook and was looking at as if it was the most interesting thing on the planet.

I turned back to the front once Aziawa started to talk again. Again I was absorbed into my thoughts.

(Deku's POV:)

I was in my seat when I heard Aziawa start to inform everyone about what we were going to be doing today. "Alright today we're going to go back to the training grounds"

Everyone started to speak out, "But Aziawa Sensei what about the whole villain attack that we went through" Ashido asked everyone agreed.

"we talked it out with the authorities they said that we could still use the ground since they have no more evidence to continue their investigation so everyone going at your suits and meet

me outside with the buses." With that Aziawa left the class.

Everyone got up from their seats and started to get their suitcase that were filled with their hero costumes. Then went to the changing rooms to get changed.

As I was changing I remembered my health color I started to worry about it.

'what if it starts giving me a diagnosis while we're training everyone's done going to start asking me questions that I can't answer.'

I was thinking a bit then cane to a conclusion as I took off my shirt.

'I guess I'll have to turn it off when we start training I don't think recovery girl of mind'

(Kacchans POV:)

I was almost done changing when I noticed the nerd hadn't even finished yet I was going to say a smart remark to him when I saw him take off his shirt then I stopped and I caught myself staring.

I saw he was really well built.


Not gonna lie he looked pretty good.

Once I thought that my eyes widen, what the actual fuck! I did not just think that Deku looked appealing to me!

I shook my head and put on my gauntlets then walked out the changing room waiting for Kirishima.

(Deku's POV:)

I recently changed my hero outfit since I looked over the jumpsuit my mom got me it looked a bit childish.

Don't get me wrong I really loved it since my mom was nice enough to get it for me! but since my condition an all, my mind has kind of matured in all.

I talked it over with my mom and we pulled money together to buy me some more suitable clothing for my hero suit.

At the moment I changed into black suit pants with a white office shirt, with sleeves that went to the bottom of my elbow, on top I had a black vest, and on my hands I had to black gloves.

On my face I wore a black mouth mask that had a cherish cat smile on it.

I looked in the mirror and I thought something was missing, so I decided to mess up my hair a little bit, after I did so I looked back and I thought it was okay.

I walked out of the changing room and outside where everyone else was.

Once I got there I went up to Iida and Uraraka, "hey guys." I said as I approached. Uraraka turned to me with a smile, "Hey de-AHH!" Screamed mid sentence when she looked at me.

I flinched a bit since it was pretty loud and I was right next to her.

"W-what happened?" I asked her looked at me from head to toe. "D-Deku when did you changed your costume?!" I realized why she screamed and I laughed. "sorry haha I changed it during the weekend.

I didn't really like my jumpsuit anymore so I thought id go for something a bit classy. Do you guys like it?" I asked both if them.

Iida looked me over then pushed up his glasses making then gleam and said moving his hand up and down.

"This is a very good look on you Midoriya!" I smiled, "yea Deku-Kun! I really like it it suits you!" Uraraka said.

"Thanks it's good to know it looks ok" I stated smiling with my eyes closed.

"Alright everyone onto the bus!" Aziawa sensei said while the bus doors opened.

Uraraka grabbed me and Iida and dragged us to the bus," Come on let's take the back before someone else does!" We then ran into the bus.

I thought today was going well but I guess my health had other plans

To be Continued...

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