Weakness Is strength.. (Bakudeku story)
Weakness Is strength.. (Bakudeku story) wattpad stories
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part 1 of who knows how many lol plz read it better on wattpad plzzzz

Weakness Is strength.. (Bakudeku story)

Pt 1: Discoveries made...

It was a sunny day, no one could complain.

The birds were singing, kids would be seen time to time running up or down the streets laughing, people would be sitting in the beach talking it just relaxing. It was just nice.

Till one boy just has to ruin it. "ARGH! WHY THE HECK DIDNT THAT OLD HAG SAY SOMETHING EARLIER?!" A boy with spiky ash blond hair was running down the street full speed.

His Ruby red eyes scanned everything around him so nothing would be in his way. "I SWEAR TO GOD IF IM LATE PEOPLE ARE GONNA HAVE HELL TO PAY!!"

A few minutes of running the boy had finally made it to a building that was in the shape if the letter H. What's this building? It's U.A High School for kids who are training to become hero's.

The boy ran to the doors and saw everyone was seated and talking. He sighed knowing nothing had started yet.

He walked up the steps to find an empty seat next to a boy with yellow hair. (I don't remember seating order so yea) As he sat down be noticed a bush of green in front of him.

That's when his lips curled up I anger showing off his white teeth.

He immediately regretted sitting in the seat he was in.

In front of him was a boy around his age with dark green colored hair and freckles, slouched over his desk resting his head on his arms, eyes closed.

He had on a mask with a cute bear mouth on it covering his mouth and nose, he also seemed to have a black choker around his neck.

The boy looked as though he was sleeping and by the look of the dark circles under his eyes it seemed it was we needed.

The ash blond seethed in anger and kicked the poor boys chair startling him into waking up and looking behind him.

"H-huh?! Oh, good morning Kacchan" the green headed boy said rubbing his green eyes which were red at the moment.

The ash blond made a,'Tsk', sound and glared at the boy. "Stop looking at new stupid Deku and wipe that drool off of you face you look like a toddler.

And also why the hell are you here?" Kacchan asked the boy whose name was Deku.

Deku sweatdropped and looked away. "I was hoping I could at least get into the support department to at least help heros instead of being one.

That's all Kacchan! I'm not trying to steal your light or anything!!" Deku said a little panicked waving his hands in front of his face.

Kacchan rolled his eyes in annoyance and leaned back into his chair when he saw someone getting onto the podium.

(Time skip after the tests, both of them)

All the kids were in the resting area regaining their strength after having to destroy many robots. The only person that wasn't there was Deku but no one noticed till the scores were shown.

Final Scores

1st place: Katsuki Bakugo

2nd place: Todoroki Shoto

3rd place: Midoriya Izuku

Kacchan was staring at the leadership board hard trying to see if what he was seeing was true.

Deku, the useless Deku from middle school, the one who is shy, the one with NO QUIRK, had third place?!

Bakugo could not have been more outraged then he was. He got his stuff and marched out the room looking for the prick to give him a piece of his mind.

While walking around he saw the boy walking out of the nurse's office adjusting his choker.


" Deku flinched at his loud tone but before he could answer his choker beeped.

Status update:

Blood pressure: Normal

Heart rate: Normal

Temperature: Normal

Mental health: stable

Code: green, good condition

Daily system check complete

Deku looked at Kacchan who was confused staring at his choker.

"Oi Deku, what the fuck is that?

" Deku didn't know what to say, so he said,

" The nurse noticed something off about me after the test so she wants to keep tabs on me and gave me this that will report to her if I ever have an abnormality, I got to go bye!

" Deku ran off with out another word. Kacchan stood there confused but it was shielded by his raging anger. "DEKU GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!"

To be Continued...

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