True Beauty
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She believed she was ugly because she didn't truly understand that the only voice that mattered in her life, was her own.

True Beauty

by genaervin

She didn't want to be ugly. It was just a fact of life.

She wanted to be beautiful like the others. To have the beautiful features that they had.

She let them dictate her beauty, those people who didn't matter.

She let them set her value.

None of her friends thought she was ugly.

Her family told her how beautiful she was every day.

But it didn't matter.

If the people who hated her thought she was ugly, then she would believe it.

Years later, she learned to listen to her own heart and desires.

She didn't care what those people who hated her said anymore, and so their words no longer affected her.

Those words faded away.

And then one day, she looked in the mirror.

She lingered on her reflection for a long time, the longest time she had ever looked.

She discovered that she wasn't ugly after all, she just listened to the wrong voices.

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