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It starts with a riddle but doesn't end that way. Things aren't always the way we first perceive them.


by genaervin

“I begin with a spark then grow exponentially. I feed on anything. I consume everything. What am I?”

“That’s easy,” said Sarah. “A fire.”

“Is it?” The teacher paced the front of the classroom. “It seems like such a simple riddle, but things are not always the way we first perceive.”

“A person.” Peter chimed in from the back of the class. He turned his gaze from the window. “Or human, whichever, same thing.”

The teacher smiled. “Explain.”

“Well, first two people need to have some sort of spark for a relationship. Then, babies are formed in their mother’s body and the cells divide growing exponentially.

Once born, babies put everything in their mouths to explore their environment. As an adult, they use all the resources available until there’s nothing left for the next generation.”

The teacher nodded. “We must learn to use less before we doom our children’s children.”

Peter shook his head. “You’re already doomed.”

“How so?”

“Because, before this hour is over, we will devour you.”

The teacher looked around the room and saw the faces of all his students turn from innocent kids, into ravenous monsters.

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