Because We're Friends
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Girls who are friends who have been girlfriends share a short moment before needing to do something.

Because We're Friends

by genaervin

“Girlfriend!” Laura said, a slight twang in her voice. “Don’t you know anything about anything?”

“I know a lot of things about a lot of things,” replied Trisha. “You’ll have to be more specific.”

“I meant about Scott.” Laura’s tone held that piercing sound stereotypical of a Californian blonde in a Hollywood movie.

Trisha twisted a finger in her ear. “Must you be so shrill?”

“How could you be so cruel?” Laura insisted. “Sorry.”

“I meant to him.” “Oh, then I’m not sorry.”

“C’mon, the man was so nice.”

Trisha rolled her eyes. “Can’t two reasonably intelligent women talk about something other than men?”

“Plus, he was super sexy.” “Correction, one reasonably intelligent woman and a vapid airhead.”

Laura gave Trisha a playful shove. “You know what I mean.” Trisha smiled. “In my defense, he was really annoying.”

“Just seems like such a waste.” Laura let out a deep sigh.

“C’mon then, help me dispose of the body.” “Sure. I suppose that’s what friends are for."

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@ivoryannalise Thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

ivoryannaliseCommabassadorWriter, Reader, YouTuber, and Artist
6 months agoReply
Oh gosh. Me and my friends do tend to need each other for a lot of things (that have nothing to do with killing people, by the way! :D) This is really good! I loved your descriptions and how your pictures hinted at what was to come! That plot twist really threw me for a loop! Great job! Keep up the great work! :D