The Ringmaster's Lullaby
The Ringmaster's Lullaby magic stories

gemmauny <insert witty tagline>
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Another snippet from my novel. (I knew I said I wouldn't but I oh well). The ringmaster of the circus sings a little song to hypnotise another character. I haven't made a tune for it.

ps. I love corvids so much

The Ringmaster's Lullaby

The ravens and the corvids are calling you home,

But boy, how do they know your name?

How do their talons know to pull at your strings?

My dear, I must do the same

There’s a little raging storm sewn up in you, love

But your stitches are coming apart.

I’ll be your seamstress, I’ll keep you rain clouds tucked in,

I’ll lock them away in your heart

Now dear boy this honey, I pour in your ear

I want it to loosen your tongue

Don’t hesitate, my child; it’s your turn to sing

For now comes the end of my song

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