The Annual Magical Creatures Flower Display Competition
The Annual Magical Creatures Flower Display Competition flowers stories

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A little piece I wrote a few years ago in my more 'experimental' phase. I like how it turned out.

The Annual Magical Creatures Flower Display Competition

So I hope you all enjoyed the annual magical creatures flower display competition! As always it was a great joy to see all the contestants really show their passion for the floral arts.

For those of you who were unfortunate enough to miss out, I’ll do a quick recap.

As always it started off with a wonderful opening song by the Sweet Siren Sisters, who have now been playing at the event for an impressive ten years!

To mark the event they played the very same song from the first night, the great hit, ‘Hey There, Sailor’, such a classic.

The competition started off with an absolutely marvellous display by Timothy the Necromancer who adorned a group of skeletons with a fantastic selection of roses and had them dance around

the arena. He ended his performance by having them leap into the air and crumble into dust with the roses flying everywhere. He always gives a good finale that Timothy does.

Then Gertrude, the vampire, came on but unfortunately it being sunny, and her being a vampire, you can imagine how that turned out. I think her ashes got swept away with Timothy’s skeleton dust.

Such a pity.

Donna the wendigo was disqualified on the grounds that she ‘might try to eat the panel’, which I thought was just completely rude!

I’m not going to start ranting but I seriously think we need to have more equality at these events.

Eduardo the sorcerer enchanted his daffodils to sing Ave Maria whilst his bluebells performed some ballet in the background.

As the music faded away he turned the daffodils into doves and had them fly over the judges’ heads, a little cliché but I think it worked. The tuning was slightly off but overall it was beautiful.

Then there was a short break and the Sweet Siren Sisters performed their latest hit single, ‘Come into the Water’. Timothy even brought out his famous brownies, delicious as always.

The last performance was Bruce the faerie, who did the most adorable little daisy dance I have ever seen.

I’m so glad he recovered in time after he fractured his left wing at last season’s poetry slam. I’m still not sure how managed to do that.

But anyway, what matters most is that he’s healthy and that his performance was divine.

Unsurprisingly, Timothy was the one to take home the coveted prize of two tickets to see the Sweet Siren Sisters, as well as the solid gold rose.

I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next year!

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