The Chase - Chapter 9
The Chase - Chapter 9 13 reasons why stories

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Bryce and Clay get the next text!

The Chase - Chapter 9

For the past three days, Bryce has been texting Clay a lot. Like A LOT! Over 20 texts a day. Clay didn't respond to a single one of them.

He turned his notifications off and just tried as hard as he could to ignore it. The past three days were really rough for both of them. Neither could pay attention at school.

Neither hung out with friends. Neither of them really did anything. They both just really thought about everything.

Then they both received a text around noon while at school.

UNKNOWN: Go straight to Bryce's house after school. Drive together.

At first, Clay was going to text Bryce to meet up at school to talk about it, but he couldn't find the nerve to do it.

So after school, he went outside and straight to Bryce's car to wait for him.

"Hey!" Bryce can't stop smiling as he walks up to his car to see Clay.

"Hey." Clay sighs, walking into the car and trying hard not to show how excited he actually is to see Bryce.

"So..." Bryce says as they drive away from the school.

"Yeah..." The car ride is more awkward than either of them thought it would be. "How'd you do on that science test?"

"Pretty good. You?"

"Better than I thought."

"Good." This type of conversation continues the entire drive to Bryce's house.

"My parents are still gone so we have the house to ourselves," Bryce says as they walk up to the front door.

"Good." Clay is finding it hard to keep to one-word sentences.

"Why do you think they want us alone together?"

"Another video?" Clay finally chimes in.

"Yeah... that would suck..." Bryce would love that.

"Yeah..." Though he would never admit it... Clay would kind of love it as well.

"What do you want to do while we wait?"

"Can I get a drink?"

"Sure." Bryce walks off to the kitchen.

UNKNOWN: Go to Bryce's bedroom

Clay sees the text and decides to head up without Bryce. He walks into his room and takes a seat on the bed.

"Here you are." Bryce walks in with a soda and water bottle. "Why'd you come up here?"

"Oh... um..." Clay realizes the text was only to him.

UNKNOWN: Get Bryce to leave the room for a few minutes

Clay looks down at his phone.

"Is it them?" Bryce asks.

"No. My mom." Clay thinks for a second while he pretends to text back. "I'm actually a bit hungry... any snacks?" Bryce smiles.

"Of course. I'll be right back." Bryce leaves.

UNKNOWN: There's a notebook in his closet underneath a small box. Grab it and put it in your bag. Don't read it!

Clay does exactly what the text says to do. He finds a small leather notebook and puts it in his bag before sitting back down.

He looks around a sees a picture of a young Bryce sitting on a swing. He stares at it. He thinks about how happy and innocent Bryce looks. He was the cutest little kid. But he was alone.

He looks around more and all of his photos are of him alone, besides one or two of him with his friends. But none with his parents.

"Hey. Pretzels, chips, or gummies?" Bryce walks in with a ton of snacks in his arms.

"All of the above." Clay can feel himself lightning up and letting things go a bit but reminds himself to keep a distance.

Bryce drops the snacks on his bed and takes a seat at his desk across from Clay. they just sit there for a minute, waiting for the other person to say something.

Both of their phones ding.

UNKNOWN: Bryce, take out the phone in your backpack

"What phone?" Bryce says as he grabs his backpack and starts looking through the pockets.

"Is that your phone?" Clay asks as Bryce takes out an old iPhone from his bag.

"No." Just as Bryce is about to hand it to Clay it turns on and vibrates, Bryce dropping it to the floor. "Shit." Clay laughs and Bryce joins in a little.

"You good?"

"Haha. It just startled me." They both go down to reach the phone, their hands touching.

The phone suddenly reads three big and bold words... TRUTH OR DARE

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