The Chase - Chapter 30
The Chase - Chapter 30 13 reasons why stories
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Clay hangs with his new friends.

The Chase - Chapter 30

"Lord this dude can sleep." Clay laughs as Dean slips another cheese ball into Spencer's mouth. "I'm pretty sure he could sleep through anything."

"Wanna bet?" Dean puts the container of cheese balls down.

"Of course."

"Then..." Dean thinks for a second. "Give him a bj."

"Sure. But what do I win?"

"If you get him to explode without waking up then I'll give you..." He looks around his room. "My ass. I'll let you shove it in."

"Like I haven't done that a hundred times before." They both laugh.

"Fine... then I'll..." He gets up and walks into his closet for a few seconds before walking out with a large black dildo. "I'll give you Big Joe.

Not only is he bigger than Spencer, but he vibrates and suctions to the wall."

"Deal." Clay turns to Spencer and slowly unzips his pants.

Somehow he is still shocked when he sees Spencer's penis. It's very large. It's not even hard and larger than most. He grabs it with his hand and it quickly begins to harden.

"Damn, what is he dreaming?" Dean jokes and Clay tries not to laugh.

Clay moves Spencer's penis into his mouth and begins trying to take it all back. He almost chokes for a second but holds himself back.

As his penis hardens more, it grows quickly and thrushes into the back of Clay's throat. He keeps going until his tongue can grab Spencer's large balls. He starts to move up and down.

It's an actual chore to suck on Spencer's penis, but Clay is not giving up.

He pushes through for minutes. He can sense that Spencer is getting close. He slides his hands onto Spencer's thick and muscular legs.

"Ugh!" Spencer suddenly moves and Clay jumps back. "Wh...the...f..." He tries speaking while he eats the cheese balls in his mouth.

"What the fuck?" Spencer finally swallows and looks to Clay and Dean.

"Damn it!" Clay shouts and Dean puts Big Joe on his desk.

"I bet Clay he couldn't give you a bj without waking up." Spencer just starts laughing.

"Well, you might as well finish." Spencer looks to Clay and grabs his own penis.

"Okay." Clay leans forward and takes Spencer's penis back in.

"What about me?" Dean wants to join in.

"Go in his ass!" Spencer shouts and they high five.

Dean goes forward and yanks on Clay's legs, pulling his pants down. He reaches over to his desk and grabs a bottle of lube and a condom.

He slides his pants off and slips the condom on his already hard penis. He then squirts way too much lube on and rubs it around.

Without a word or any hesitation, he shoves it into Clay's ass with pure force.

He may not have the biggest penis or even an average-sized one, but Dean sure knows how to make it feel just as painful as if it were a foot long.

He grips Clay's waist and shoves his penis in and out with so much force that Clay almost bites Spencer's penis.

"Oh..." Dean begins to moan. "Kiss me." Dean looks to Spencer.

Spencer reaches forward and pulls Dean towards him. They begin kissing the sloppiest of kisses. Their mouths are open. Their tongues are slapping around in each other's mouths.

Spencer's large mouth is almost eating Dean's small mouth. Dean reaches forward and runs his hand through Spencer's messy hair.

"Oh god..." Spencer moans and lets Dean go, flinging back, as he begins to explode into Clay's mouth. "Yes daddy!" Spencer shouts.

Clay swallows the crazy amount of cum that shoots from Spencer's penis before moving up and breathing.

"Whoo!" Clay sighs a breath of fresh air.

"YYYEEESSSSS!" Dean shouts at the top of his lungs as he begins to cum.

Dean quickly slips out and throws the condom in the trash before sitting back. Clay flips over and lays on his back.

"Love that tight ass." Dean licks his lips.

"God that was fun." Clay can't stop smiling.

"But you know what's more fun..." Clay and Spencer look over to Dean holding a magazine with multiple white lines.

"Yasss!" Clay sits up and crawls over to Dean.

"Wait. Pay the toll first." Dean smiles and holds the magazine back.

"Of course." Clay moves forward and begins kissing Dean.

He slides both his hands through Dean's shaggy blonde hair. He yanks on the back of his hair, opening Dean's mouth. He slides his tongue in and slides it all around. Then he sits back.

"Well, that deserves two lines." Dean hands Clay the magazine and he quickly without any hesitation snorts two lines before handing it over to Spencer.

"Damn." Clay sits back against the wall next to Dean.

"Totally." Dean snorts the final line and they all just begin laughing.

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