The Chase - Chapter 15
The Chase - Chapter 15 13 reasons why stories

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Bryce and Clay have some realizations and plan their next steps.

The Chase - Chapter 15

CLAY: We need to talk. Can you meet tonight?


CLAY: Shed? 9pm?


9:30 pm comes around and Clay is sitting in the shed, waiting for Bryce. The place is silent, eerily so. He can hear every little creek of the old wooden building.

The door opens, making Clay jump just a little.

"Hey." Bryce walks in overly dressed in a tie and slacks.


"Sorry I'm late. My parents decided tonight was a good night for a "family dinner", in which they sit and talk about work while I try to figure out what food is on my plate.

" They both laugh at that. "You'd be surprised at the weird things my mom demands to have for dinner."

"It's no problem." Clay stands up and they hug, but it feels weird.

"About yesterday..." Bryce begins.

"Yeah... it was weird..." Clay looks him in the eyes. "I'm so sorry. For now on I tell you everything right away and we are going to work as a team. And whatever happened after I left is fine.

We're even. Let's just forget yesterday." Clay goes to kiss Bryce, but Bryce takes a step back.

"Nothing happened. The fact that you think something did is..." Bryce takes a breath and cools down. "I sent Monty leaving just minutes after you.

He wanted to do something, but I told him we couldn't do anything anymore. He was very angry... but I did it for you. To show you I'm serious about us... but apparently you're not.

" Bryce walks around Clay and sits on the couch.

"Bryce..." Clay takes a seat next to Bryce and puts his arm around him. "I know I've been saying this a lot, but it doesn't make it any less true... I'm sorry.

" Clay grabs Bryce by the head, making him look him in the eyes. "I've never done this before. I've never felt like this about anyone before.

I just feel like everything I say and do is being watched under a microscope, which it kinda is. I'm just so nervous that I'm going to mess this up, that I end up messing this up.

I am freaking out all day every day because of my feelings for you and what they mean." Clay stops talking as Bryce moves forward and kisses him.

"Shut up. I understand. I feel the same way. I think we just need to move on, learn from our mistakes." Bryce kisses Clay again. "And the first thing we need to do is end these texts."

"Actually, that's exactly why I wanted you to come here." Clay puts a finger over his lips. "We need to stop trying to figure it out who is blackmailing us. Just let them have their fun.

" Clay grabs his phone and puts his hand out for Bryce's. "There is no beating this person.

" Bryce hands him his phone and Clay grabs the phone they were given by the person for the Truth or Dare game. "Let's just lay quietly in each others arms and be close to each other.

" Clay quietly opens the door to the shed, and walks a good distance before placing their phone underneath a trash can.

"What was that?" Bryce says as Clay comes back into the shed.

"Whoever this is somehow is in our technology... I think." Clay walks over and sits down with Bryce.

"When I left your place yesterday I saw the green light on your computer on, meaning someone was watching.

And after looking at all the footage they have sent us, besides that first video here, they all seem to be from either one of our computers or phone."

"And one video they haven't shared with us is the toilet dare. And that was int eh bathroom, there was no computer and neither of us had our phones." It clicks in Bryce's head.

"Exactly!" Clay kisses Bryce.

"You're brilliant."

"Well..." They both smile and laugh.

"Lord that ego of yours." They both laugh. "What do we do then?"

"We'll text and call and video chat like normal, but when we want to discuss the mystery person or anything having to do with the texts, then we use these...

" Clay grabs two old smartphones from his bag. "This is my old phone." He hands it to Bryce. "I'll have my dad's old one. We can talk on these without any worry of being listened to."

"Okay." Bryce starts looking at the phone. "Do you have anything a little newer?"

"Oh shut up." Clay hits him on the leg, both of them laughing. "I also have an idea to figure out who this person is."

"This is a very hot look on you." Bryce rubs his hand against his leg.

"Not now." Clay has to fight back how much he wants to touch Bryce right now.

"I've been doing some research and while I can confirm whoever is texting us does live in town, I think I may have thought of a simple way to figure out who it is."


"Well I tried calling the number that the texts are sent on, but it goes straight to an automated system.

I read about a program that will let me use my phone to get into the phone of whoever texts me. Then I will have a few seconds where I can call the phone."

"What's that gonna do? It's not like they're going to answer."

"No... but if we were in a room with you know the entire school at next weeks pep rally, then maybe we could hear the phone go off and who has it."

"That's amazing."

"There's one catch."


"We need this person to send you a text during the pep rally at just the right time."

"That sounds easy." Bryce rolls his eyes.

"Actually... I kinda have an idea for that..."

"That sounds scary."

"I would need to do something bad enough and get caught on my phone or computer right before the pep rally so that this person records it and sends it to you thinking they are messing with our


"Relationship?" Bryce smiles.

"Yes... isn't that what we are in?"

"I guess... just we've never said it out loud."

"Well, now we have. Can we get back to the plan?"

"Sure." Bryce looks at Clay with a look he's never given someone before.

"So you have any ideas?"

"Some, but nothing involving the plan." Bryce puts his hand on Clay's leg and squeezes.

"Bryce..." Bryce slides his hand up Clay's shirt. "We should really talk about this plan."

"We will." Bryce smiles as he pushes Clay down and gets on top of him. "We will."

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