The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 18
The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 18 macgyver stories

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Mac and Harry get to talk after their time apart. Harry and Charlie finally meet.

The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 18

"So..." The two just sit on the stairs awkwardly looking anywhere but each other.

"Where... what... what have you been up to?" Mac asks Harry.

"I finished school."

"Great. Good for you."

"Then I got a job. It was okay, just not what a wanted." Harry looks to Mac, who's looking at his hands. "But I was able to save some money. A good amount of money. Enough to move out here.

I got a place of my own and a car."

"How long have you been here?"

"A couple weeks."



"I've recently started seeing someone... it's been a couple weeks."

"Oh..." Harry just wants to shout and slap himself.

"Did you figure out what you needed to figure out?"

"Yeah... yes, I did..."

"If you don't mind, may I ask you what it is? What you found out?"

"Yeah... I know who I am now. I know I want... I want to be in love... and to become an Auror..."

"What's an Auror?" They both laugh. "But seriously... I'm happy for you... I'm happy to see you happy."

"I still love you." Their eyes meet.

"I..." Mac runs his hands through his hair, confused. "I don't know."

"I get you're with someone... but can you really say you have the same chemistry that we have?" Harry puts his hands on Mac's leg.

"You did this Harry." He slides away from Harry. "You ended this." He stands up, Harry following. "It took me forever to move on. I thought you were never going to come back.

How can you expect me to just come crawling back... knowing that you may leave out of nowhere again?"

"Mac..." Just then a car pulls up to the house.

"That's him. You should go." Mac walks down the stairs to greet Charlie.

"Hey babe," Charlie says, walking up to Mac, the two kissing then hugging. "Who's this?" Charlie looks to Harry.

"Oh... this is... um... Harry..."

"Oh..." Charlie says. "Harry? The Harry?" He looks to Mac and he nods his head.

"Hey I'm Harry." Harry just smiles and puts his hand out.

"Charlie." They shake hands, the awkward feeling getting too much for Mac.

"He was just leaving. Like always." Mac says before patting Charlie's back and ushering him to the door.

"Nice to meet you Harry." Charlie says before walking into the house.

"Bye Harry." Mac is about to close the door.

"Wait. I'm living at the Whilkshire building on Sunrise, apartment 809. Come when you're ready." Mac closes the door right after Harry is done.

Midnight that night...

A knock on the door gets Harry to jump off his couch. He takes a deep breath in and looks at himself in the mirror.

The butterflies in his stomach remind him of how much he loves Mac and how he has waited for this moment.

"Charlie?" Harry opens the door to Charlie wearing the same suit from earlier.

"Hey Harry." Charlie just walks into Harry's place without asking.

"Oh... yeah. Come in." Charlie turns to face Harry.

"Mac is mine. We are becoming a wonderful couple and I won't let you ruin him as you did before." Charlie pushes Harry against the door. "I love him. He loves me. He doesn't love you.

You ruined it. Now give it up and leave." Harry is confused, scared, and slightly turned on.

"No." Harry just blurts out.



"Do you really think you can compete with me?" He looks Harry up and down. "I"m a ten, you're a three... when drunk. I have a great head of hair... you've got a haircut from your mommy.

I'm wearing a designer suit and you've got department store slacks. I have an eight-figure salary job... and what do you have? You." Charlie puts his face an inch from Harry's. "Have.

" Charlie moves forward and begins kissing Harry on the lips, his tongue sliding into Harry's mouth. "Nothing." Charlie steps back before pushing Harry to the side and opening the door.

"You also suck at kissing." He walks out, leaving Harry standing there in absolute shock.

"Well damn."

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