The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 11
The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 11 the brit and the blonde stories

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Everything comes out now that Mac knows the truth.

The Brit & The Blonde - Chapter 11

It was like everything went silent. Harry watched as the smile on Mac's face vanished. He watched Mac swim out of the water in silence. Harry kept talking to him. He told him it meant nothing.

He told him he loves him. But Mac heard none of it. He walked out of the water and towards the cabin. Harry followed him, trying to catch up with him, but Mac walked faster and faster.

He watched as Mac slammed the back door in his face, turning to the glass window and giving Harry a look he never thought Mac could've had. Harry stayed outside, sitting on the stairs.

That look keeps haunting Harry. It was mad, but more importantly... disappointed.

Harry sits outside for hours until it got dark. He turns around and walks inside the cabin. He sees Mac just sitting on the couch showered and dressed. He's just starring up and out the window.

Their eyes meet and the look on Mac's face has changed. It's sad and angry.

"Mac..." Harry begins.

"No!" Mac shouts as he stands up, his face changing to complete anger. "You cheated! You kissed another guy! Not just another guy, but your neighbor! A guy you knew I didn't like!"

"I didn't know. I really didn't."

"Oh does that make it okay then? Does it?"

"No. It doesn't but."

"But what? You accidentally crashed into each other?"

"No. He kissed me, then I kissed back."

"You kissed back? With tongue?"


"Oh god!"

"I'm just trying to tell you the truth!" Harry shouts back, getting annoyed with all of this.

"Really? The truth? When did it happen?"

"Last Sunday... after you left... he..."

"After I left? I leave and you just move on to kiss another guy almost immediately?"

"His boyfriend had just broken up with him, and his car was stolen. He was a mess. I was just trying to help a friend out."

"His boyfriend broke up with him? I'm sure that's true." Mac says sarcastically.

"It is."

"Then what's his boyfriend's name? Did he even mention him before that day?"

"Well... actually... I don't know... I guess he didn't."

"God, you're an idiot! How could you have believed that snake? He played you!"

"Really? Calling me an idiot? It was a genuine mistake!"

"Don't try that with me. Don't try to play the victim." Mac goes into the fridge and grabs a beer, opening it and chugging some of it down. "I can't do this." Mac's voice softens.

"What does that mean?"

"It means..." Mac takes a seat back on the couch. "It means... I don't know. I honestly have no idea what to do. I love you! I will always love you! The problem is that...

I don't know if I can trust you, or believe in you anymore."

"I love you Mac." Harry takes a seat next to Mac, placing his hand on his leg.

"Stop it." Mac brushes his hand off and stands up, walking over to the kitchen counter.


"I know you love me. I can see that. But that's not the point. You went all week pretending like nothing happened. I talked to you and you sounded as normal as always.

Then we drove down here today and you let me... you let me do things a if he hadn't cheated on me. You let us drive out here to tell me just to trap me. You thought about this. You planned this."

"I..." Harry doesn't know what to say, he was right.

"I need to be alone right now. I'll see you in the morning. I put your bag in the guest room.

" Mac turns away and Harry watches as he walks down the hall and through the door at the end of the hall.

Mac looks back at Harry before closing the door, giving Harry a face that he couldn't place.

He didn't know what Mac was feeling or thinking at this moment, and that scared him more than anything else.

"But I love you," Harry whispers to himself.

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