Daddy - Chapter 2
Daddy - Chapter 2 hiram lodge stories
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Hiram invites Andy to meet with him the next morning.

Daddy - Chapter 2

It was a long and sleepless night. I couldn't stop thinking about Hiram, even though everything in me told me I should. I spent the night looking him up.

I found out more about his wife, Hermione. I found his beautiful daughter Veronica, who is only a couple years younger than me.

Everything I found should've pushed Hiram right out of my mind, but it only made me think about him more. Every image I saw of him made me stir crazy. Every image made me hard, rock hard.

I tried all night to forget about him, to push him out of my mind. It helped that my roommate didn't show up, so I just sat in my room all night long.

But what didn't help was when, around 9 am, a package was dropped off at my door. At the door was a man wearing all black with black shades, with a large box in his hands.

"Andy?" His voice is deep.

"Yes..." He hands me the package.

"Mr. Lodge would like you to meet with him right now."

"I can't. I've got class."

"He's got that handled. He would like you to put that on. I'll be driving you to the destination. I'll be outside when you're ready." He walks away and I close the door.

Before I can even open the package, my phone dings and I receive an email saying my classes for today have all been canceled. How could he do that?

I take the lid off the package. I unravel the wrapping to see a very nice suit. It must be worth a couple of thousand dollars.

I start putting it on, just curious as to whether or not it will fit. And it does. It fits perfectly. I've never had a piece of clothing fit me so perfectly.

I did, however, need to look online for how to tie a tie.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," I say to myself in the mirror. "Okay... deep breath... act calm.

" I tell myself, repeating in my head as I walk out of my dorm and to the car waiting for me outside.

The drive is very quick, maybe five minutes. We stop in front of a very grand and very old hotel building. The driver opens the door for me.

"30th floor. Elevator code is 3458." That's all he says before going in the car and driving away.

So I go inside. Unlike the outside of the building, the inside is very quiet, even a little dark. I walk up to the elevator, but there's no button, just a keypad.

I type in the code the driver gave me, and then step in. The elevator starts going on its own. As it moves up, I turn to the metal back of the elevator.

I start looking at my reflection, checking my hair and the suit. I suddenly begin getting very nervous, my chest pumping.

"Andy!" The elevator door opens and Hiram immediately walks up to me, a drink in both hands. "Here." He hands me one of them. "Come in."

"Where are we?"

"Our new place. We'll meet here whenever we want to speak or see each other in person. We'll also meet here before going anywhere else. You can also come here and hang out whenever you want."

"I'm sorry, but... but I think." Hiram steps towards me, silencing me.

"I saw the way you looked at me. I felt that kiss. I know what you want. I want the same thing." He grabs the drink from my hand and places it, along with his, on a nearby table.

He steps forward and begins kissing me. He runs his hands into my hair. The kiss is even more electric than before.

I wrap my arms around his body, sliding them onto his shoulders, feeling the muscles through the suit. He steps back and begins laughing.

"God damn!" He's got a big smile on his face. "Even better than the first one. Damn!" He reaches forward, grabbing my tie and pulling it, and me, towards him.

"Yeah..." I'm speechless.

"Come with me. We have some things to do." My mind explodes, the idea of what is about to happen begins to unravel me.

I've never done anything before, besides kissing. Though my nerves are boiling, at the same time the way Hiram is looking at me is calming me down. He pulls me into a hallway.

We go down to the end of the hall and into the last room. We walk into a gorgeous room with a wall consisting just of windows. The view of the entire city shocks and awes me.

"Wow. it's beautiful."

"I know, right." He turns me to face him. "But you're way better to look at." Just then he goes down to his knees.


"Shh..." He unzips my pants, slowly pulling them down. "Let's have a taste of what's to come."


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