A Twisted Tale - Chapter 8.1
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A Twisted Tale - Chapter 8.1

It was the final straw for Alex. That weekend in the hotel room showed Alex he could fight back and he could win.

But now he knew it would take time and a lot of thought to come up with the perfect plan for revenge.

And months later with the school year coming to an end, Alex knew it was time to strike back. And his plan goes into effect tonight... on prom night.

Bryce received a note in his locker two days before prom from Alex. It read "Though we can't go to prom together, we can have our own celebration afterward.

Meet me where it all began at midnight on prom night. -Alex.

" Bryce loved this note, finding it so hard to hide his feelings in the middle of the school hall that he had to go to the bathroom and jerk off.

It's prom night and Alex is dressed in a classic tux, sitting on a swing and waiting for Bryce to arrive.

Five minutes before midnight and Alex is taking deep breaths, preparing for anything that could happen tonight, for any of the consequences that could follow.

Though this year had been the worst in his life, Alex learned one thing... that he liked guys along with girls. But Bryce took away his first time and made him want to hate it.

Alex stopped thinking about that stuff as he sees Bryce's car drive up to the park and park.

Bryce steps out of the car wearing an all-black tux, his hair as perfect as always, and strutting over with extreme confidence.

Bryce just walks up to Alex, and before Alex can speak he kisses him on the lips. Alex kisses back, knowing he must keep face with everything until it's time. Eventually, Bryce steps back.

"So what's the plan hun?" Bryce truly thought the two of them were a couple.

"Follow." Alex stands up and walks past the playground and up to the tree where all this began. "Pop it out." Bryce is confused, mostly because he had been drinking earlier.


"Show me your penis." Bryce is too excited to question it and begins taking his pants off.

"Is this actually happening?" Bryce can't stop smiling as Alex goes down to his knees.

Once his erect penis pops out in front of Alex's face, Bryce leans his head back and closes his eyes.

Bryce has been wanting Alex to do this on his own for months now and he finally was going to get it.

That is until Alex reaches into his jacket and pulls out a Taser, a birthday gift from his dad. Just as Bryce believes is about to start he feels something cold touch his balls.

And just as he opens his eyes Alex pulls the trigger, zapping Bryce's balls. Bryce's legs give and he falls quickly and with a thud.

Before Bryce can scream, Alex shoves a rag into Bryce's mouth.

Alex takes the Taser from Bryce's balls and moves it to the side of his neck, pulling the trigger and Bryce's body shaking uncontrollably. Bryce goes unconscious.

Alex whistles and from the tower on the playground comes to Tyler running. Tyler helps grab Bryce with Alex and they carry him to Bryce's car. They place him in and Alex takes the driver seat.

Tyler walks up to the window, handing Alex a tablet.

"It's all set up. Good luck." Alex just smiles and drives off.

Roughly 15 minutes have passed and Alex has parked at the motel they once had their weekend getaway at.

He reaches behind the chair and shocks Bryce once more before reaching into his jacket pocket and taking his wallet.

Alex leaves the car, double-checking it is locked, before going to the front office and using Bryce's card to buy out every room at the motel.

"This also means that you have to go," Alex tells the one guy working.

Alex waits for the one guy to leave before bringing a maid cart up to the car. He drags Bryce carefully onto the cart and drags him up to the same room they were in before.

Bryce's eyes begin to open. He can feel every bone in his body aching.

Bryce doesn't recognize the ceiling at first, but then he turns his head to see the closed blinds and realizes exactly where he is.

Bryce tries sitting up, but the handcuffs holding each arm and foot pull him back down. Bryce can continue feeling extreme pain down below and just wants to cup his balls, but can't.

He notices both doors have three padlocks on them. He can hear the shower running in the bathroom, where he assumes Alex is.

He tries looking for any way he can escape,

but the cuffs are too tight on him and the pain from both the Taser and from drinking so much earlier is hitting him too hard to give him sufficient time to think.

Just then Alex walks out of the bathroom.

"Hey, sweetie! What's going on?" Bryce is trying not to get angry.

"Hun!" Alex is smiling and acting above his normal level of excitement. "This is your downfall."

"Huh?" Bryce is confused as Alex sits on the bed next to him.

"There are two things that keep you feeling like you are the coolest and most untouchable guy in the world."

"Aww, thanks."

"No. No thanks. Tonight, I am going to take these two things away from you. These are cameras." Alex begins pointing at multiple places in the room.

"These will record everything going on here tonight."

"Kinky hun." Bryce still doesn't get it.

"Again...no. Everything I am going to do to you will be recorded, edited, then released to not only everyone at school, but all of the internets to enjoy."

"Wow!" Bryce finally gets it. "No man! You can't do that!"

"But I can. This video will ruin your reputation, the one thing that keeps the adults and kids of this town both worshipping and afraid of you.

After tonight everyone will know just how gay you are. They will see just how much of a hypocrite you are... and how kinky you are."

"What?" Bryce can't seem to find the words to respond properly.

"Along with that, you will leave with the one thing that keeps you thinking your above everyone else... your looks.

You will leave here and whether what I do to you last for long, all it takes is one meme or you looking awful for everyone to mock you for the rest of your life."

"You can't do this to me!" Bryce can finally speak and is furious. "I am Bryce Walker! My father will demolish you and I will make sure you are destroyed."

"Will you? After this, you will lose any power you have over me."

"No. I will always have power over you because I am forever inside you, mentally, physically, and spiritually."

"Shut up!" Alex is just done with Bryce.

He pulls his pants down, his flaccid penis hanging out. Alex grabs his penis and starts getting it hard.

"So what? You're going to shove it in me? I can deal with that pain."

"Oh no!" Alex gets on the bed. "You're going in me." Alex, with his other hand, grabs Bryce's penis, which is already slightly hard.

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