A Twisted Tale - Chapter 4.2
A Twisted Tale - Chapter 4.2 13 reasons why stories

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The twisted tale continues with guests Monty and Tyler!!! (WARNING!! INCLUDES VIOLENCE & RAPE!! DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU CANNOT HANDLE!!)

A Twisted Tale - Chapter 4.2


Monty turns back around and instantly shoves his penis into Tyler.

"Oh fuck! Dude! Dude!" Tyler begins to shout as tears go down his face.

"Shut up! You know you love it!" He shouts before slamming Tyler's head against the wall.

Monty looks back to see Bryce moving up and down on Alex. Bryce looks over after hearing Monty shout at Alex and smiles, giving him a wink.

Monty turns back around and begins moving back and forth again. As he goes faster he digs his fingers deep into Tyler's curly hair, twirling the hairs around his fingers.

"I love your hair," Monty whispers into Tyler's ear, slowing down slightly before beginning to go faster than before, quickly getting close to finishing.

Meanwhile, Bryce grips the bench with all his strength as he goes up and drops down, letting Alex's hard penis enters him.

A mirror not too far away on the wall showed Bryce his reflection and the reflection of Monty's butt. This only makes his penis harder.

He begins going up and down quickly until he gets close to finishing.

"I think he's close dude!" Bryce looks back as he says this to Monty.

"Same!" Monty is sweating and is biting his lip.

"Kiss me." Bryce leans back and bit.

Monty leans back until he's face to face with Bryce, he two stopping what they are doing. They both lean forward and begin kissing.

As they kiss, Bryce grabs his own penis and begins pulling back and forth on it. With his other hand, Bryce slides his fingers through the top of Monty's hair, pulling on it.

Monty bites Bryce's lip at the kiss. As Monty keeps one hand pushing Tyler to the wall, his other hand goes to Bryce's hair, running his fingers through the side. They stop kissing, both smiling.

"I love your hair! I've been wanting to touch it for years." Monty is even more excited than before. "I've always wanted to be best friends with you but you and Justin were always so close."

"Well, I would never do this with Justin." He sees Monty's reaction, how he admires and worships him. "After this let's head to my place, you can spend the night.

" Bryce now knows that Monty will do anything for him.

"Great, let's finish this," Monty says before they both turn around.

Monty begins ramming Tyler with all his might, just thinking about being with Bryce and becoming best friends as he has always wanted to be since becoming a friend with him in kindergarten.

He goes so quick that in less than a minute he begins to cum. He notices that Tyler's eyes are closed and tears are coming out.

"Open your eyes, you love this. Stop acting like you don't." He tells as he finishes.

"Look at me as I finish" Monty punches Tyler in the side, his head wiping to the side, opening his eyes to look straight into Monty's. "Good boy.

" He pushes his penis in with one last thrust before taking it out.

Monty takes himself out and wipes the mess onto Tyler's shirt. He turns Tyler around, who has tears dripping down his face.

"Please Monty. Let me go, I won't tell anyone." Monty just looks as smiles at Tyler.

"I don't care!" Monty punches Tyler in the face, blood spurting out onto the locker as Tyler falls to the ground.

Monty then kicks Tyler in the stomach twice before turning around to see Bryce continue going up and down on Alex.

"Need help?" He asks Bryce as he walks around to see Bryce also trying to masturbate.

Bryce just smiles before letting go of his penis. Monty gets down on his knees and leans on Alex's chest with his elbow. Alex coughs at Monty as he puts his weight on his chest.

"Fuck!" Monty shouts before smacking Alex in the face with his elbow.

Monty grabs Bryce's penis and as he starts rubbing his penis, Bryce begins moving up and down quicker. The two stare at each other the entire time until Bryce feels Alex begin to cum.

"He's there!" Bryce takes in deep breathes as he feels the warm cum rush through him. "Oh god yes!"

Monty is jealous as he sees the pleasure in Bryce's face, so he starts going faster with Bryce's penis. Bryce keeps Alex's penis in him as Monty continues with his penis.

"I'm close!" Bryce reaches to Monty and grabs his hair, closing his eyes and biting. "Point it at Alex. Fuck this is such a great day!"

He instantly begins to cum seconds later. It shoots out and onto Alex, some of it spurts towards Monty and onto his cheek.

As Bryce finishes, Monty lets go and wipes the cum off with his finger, licking it off. As Monty gets to his feet and walks over to Tyler, Bryce gets off Alex and puts his boxers and pants on.

The two of them are completely dressed they walk over to the door.

"So how'd I do?" Monty looks over to Bryce with puppy eyes.

"Well... I don't know... of course, you were amazing! Your welcome to join me whenever you want."

"Thank you so much. I had so much fun." Monty runs a hand through Bryce's hair, moving some hair back in place. "So what do we do to make sure they tell no one?"

"This." Bryce takes his phone out and takes multiple pictures of both Alex and Tyler naked, crying, and bleeding.

Bryce then walks up to Alex and grabs his hair, pulling his face to his. He pops the phone in his face.

"Now remember, tell anyone and not only will they not believe you, but they will get all the photos I have taken of you." He drops his head down and walks to Monty. "Your turn.

" Bryce hands the phone to Monty.

Monty walks to Tyler and kicks him once more in the stomach, looking back for Bryce's approval.

After seeing Bryce's smile and nod, he grabs Tyler by his curly locks and pulls him up, shoving the phone in front of him.

"Tell anyone and these photos go on every social media there is and get posted all over the school walls." Tyler just nods before his hair is let go and drops back down.

He walks back to Bryce, handing the phone back. Bryce just smiles and grabs Monty by his tie, pulling him so their lips are less than an inch apart.

"When we get back to my place I am going to shove my penis up your ass until you shout my name like I'm your god." Bryce leans forward, biting Monty's bottom lip.

With his hand, Bryce grabs Monty's ass, squeezing it hard. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yes!" Monty shouts.

Monty rushes to Tyler and kicks him one last time as he gets dressed. He then goes to Alex, who is shaking as he slides his pants on, and punches him so hard his hand bangs into a locker.

He runs over to Bryce.

"Now can I also shove mine in you?"


The two walk out of the locker room.

PROLOGUE: Monty and Bryce head to his place immediately, spending the night pleasuring each other. The two become closer and closer until Justin is basically no one in Bryce's eyes.

The two continue to keep one night a week every week that they keep each other to themselves and have planned to team up at least once every two weeks.

Alex begins going down an intense depression spiral. Tyler tries speaking to Alex, but he never gives him the time of day.

Tyler even tries telling the school principal, but before he can tell him, Bryce and Monty make sure he won't speak... TO BE CONTINUED!

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