A Twisted Tale - Chapter 17
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Bryce's parents come early.

A Twisted Tale - Chapter 17

"Bryce Barry Walker!" Bryce's dad shouts at the top of his lungs.

"Dad!" Bryce nearly squeals as he jumps to his feet, grabbing a nearby blanket to cover himself.

"Oh my god..." Alex silently says as Bryce hands him a blanket.

"Bryce..." Bryce's mom silently says behind her husband.

"What the fuck is going on?" Bryce's dad begins walking up to them fast and with a very angry look on his face. "Who the fuck is this?"

"I'm Alex." Alex puts his hand out, but Bryce's dad doesn't give him any attention.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing..." He gets just inches from Bryce's face. "My son is not a faggot!" He shouts.

"Stop it!" Bryce shouts back, getting angry. "Stop calling me that!" Bryce is scared and doesn't know what to say.

"What are you going to do?" His dad gets closer. "Faggot." He pushes Bryce back.

Bryce is getting angry and closes his fist, squeezing tighter by the second.

Bryce begins thinking of all the things he could do at this moment, about all of the outcomes that may come from what he does next.

"I knew you were a little bitch." His dad steps back and begins taking his coat off, gently placing it on the coach. "Go." He looks at Alex.


"Go! Now!" He shouts, rattling Alex's bones.

"You can't talk to him that way!" Bryce shouts back, stepping in front of Alex. "He can stay. You can go."

"I can go? Me?" He begins laughing. "I pay for all of this! This is all mine! Now go!" He begins undoing his cufflinks. "I need to speak to my son."

"Mom!" Bryce looks over to his mom, who's standing their frozen and afraid.

"Oh, you're calling for your mommies help? Such a faggot way to deal with your problems." Bryce is getting angrier.

"Alex, go into the room." He looks down at Alex, who gets up to his feet.

"But..." Alex is too afraid to say anything.

"It's okay." Bryce wants to kiss him but stops himself.

"Okay." Alex badly wants to stay and defend Bryce, but his entire body is ready to run for the hills.

Alex walks off into the other room and seconds after he closes his door he can hear a slap and a thud. He can tell Bryce's dad slapped Bryce and that Bryce hit the floor.

Then he hears a gasp, most likely from Bryce's mom.

"Get up! Get the fuck up!" Bryce's dad shouts.

"Dad..." He can hear Bryce quietly whimper, sounding different than he's ever heard Bryce sound before... weak.

It's silent for a few seconds before he hears another slap.

"My son is not a faggot!" Another slap. "Such a fucking disappointment..." His dad says before he hears something that sounds like a kick and a wheeze for air.

Alex keeps hearing what sounds like kicks and punches for a couple of minutes. He's afraid for Bryce. But every bone in his body is frozen.

No matter how much his brain is trying to push him, he can't move. He just wants to run out there and protect Bryce at all costs. But he can't.

He can hear a belt. It sounds like Bryce's dad took it off. Then he hears a very loud whip that echoes through the room. He hears it whip again, this time hearing Bryce whimper.

"Stop!" The sudden shout from Bryce's mom surprises everyone. "Stop it!"

It all goes silent for a while. Almost chillingly silent.

A sudden whipping noise makes Alex jump a little.

"Barry Walker!" Bryce's mom shouts, the entire room shaking at the severity of it.

He can hear the belt drop to the floor. Then some footsteps.

"I'm going to the bar. We'll have lunch later to discuss the next steps." He can hear Bryce's dad lightly say before the ding of the elevator door.

While Alex knows Bryce's dad is gone, something in him is still far too afraid to move. His entire body is shaking. He's freezing cold. Every part of his body is in pain.

He has a quickly growing migraine. Then he hears footsteps and a knock on the bedroom door.

"May I come in?" It's Bryce's mom.

"Yes." Alex spurts out after making sure he's fully covered.

"Hi." She walks in looking elegant and perfect, but her eyes are watery and slightly red. "I'm sorry about my husband. He tends to get a little angry early in the morning.

" She reaches into her purse. "I think it would be best if you go home. I'll pay for your ticket." She takes out a wad of cash and starts counting bills. "This should do.

You should pack up and go as quick as possible, he may be back after a drink or two" She places the money on the nightstand. "Thanks." She turns to the door.

"For what?" She turns her head around and just smiles before walking out and closing the door behind her.

Alex doesn't waste any time. He puts some clothes on, packs his bag, and walks out of the room. He looks over to the couch as he walks out.

He sees Bryce sitting with his mother on the couch, hugging her. He can't see much of him, but he can see one black eye, quickly growing and red.

He can see a cut on Bryce's right leg, blood flowing out of it and onto the couch. His mom moves for a second. For just a few seconds Bryce looks up at Alex. Their eyes meet.

Alex can see that Bryce is afraid. He can see that Bryce just wants him to walk over. But he can't. Alex is afraid beyond belief. He looks away, knowing he can't look at Bryce any longer.

He walks to the elevator door and steps in.

"Alex." Alex turns in the elevator and watches as Bryce stares at him, whispering his name.

Alex mouths "I'm sorry" as the doors close.

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